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Beyond Google and Facebook: Exploring Effective User Acquisition Channels for Your Apps

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Our webinar on user acquisition has concluded, and it was packed with valuable insights to empower small app developers to expand their user acquisition strategies beyond Google and Facebook. Our guests shared many actionable based on their decades-long experience in the programmatic world.

Watch the webinar video to learn actionable tips and optimize your user acquisition strategy today!

What’s in it for you?

  1. Strategies to acquire users outside of Google and Facebook
  2. Tricks to retarget and activate inactive users
  3. Implementing ASO strategy and leveraging other powerful tools
  4. Key Insights user retention and app engagement
  5. Importance of attribution and the available platforms

After the resounding success of our first webinar on app monetization, PubScale is all set to bring you yet another exciting webinar on user acquisition. We are bringing you key insights, actionable strategies, and more expert tips to scale your user acquisition to greater horizons.

About the speakers

Arpit Jain

Arpit Jain

CEO & Founder, PubScale & GreedyGame

Arpit Jain is a seasoned entrepreneur, founder, and CEO who brings over a decade of experience in successfully running a profitable startup - GreedyGame. With a strong passion for technology and marketing, he is ambitious to empower app growth on a global scale. Before establishing his startup, he worked as a Software Engineer at PayPal following his graduation from IIT Ropar.

Ishank Joshi

Ishank Joshi

CEO & Co-Founder, Mobavenue Media

Ishank Joshi is a dynamic entrepreneur and CEO of Mobavenue Group, a global growth and tech platform dedicated to empowering brands, agencies, and publishers with innovative Mad Tech solutions. He's a seasoned leader with a track record of building and growing profitable businesses. Ishank is also a thought leader who has helped grow 200+ brands, generating 50 million in B2B revenue.

Venus Dhuria

Venus Dhuria

Co-Founder, AppyHigh

Venus Dhuria is a versatile entrepreneur and is one of the co-founders of AppHigh, a prominent mobile internet technology company that crafts global products to engage and inspire millions daily. But that's not all! Venus is also a co-founder of companies like VedaVC and Phot.AI, showcasing his enduring presence in the app ecosystem.

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