Add casual games to your Apps and boost revenue

Increase your user engagement by adding trending, instant, easy-to-play, and FUN games to your app and make more revenue!

Add casual games to your Apps and boost revenue

From Integration to
Monetization, Effortlessly

Add 50+ amazing games to your app within minutes, and start monetization globally from Day 1!

Integrate within 15 minutes

40% increase in user engagement

App size remains unaffected

Never let your users get bored

Never let your users get bored

By adding PLUG on the app exit dialogue or a section in your app, ensure that your users would never get bored with your app. They can swiftly play fun and casual games from PLUG within your app once they are done using your app.

Make additional revenue

PLUG not only helps you increase your engagement times but also helps you with more revenue! Any time spent by your users on PLUG will result in additional revenue for your business, beyond what you are earning from your apps already.

Great curation of games

Great curation of games

Our gaming experts spend a lot of time curating the most trending games for your users. Our monetization experts make sure that each user is monetized to the maximum.

Real-time dashboard

Real-time dashboard

When you start using PLUG, you get access to a real-time reporting dashboard to help you with instant revenue reports from PLUG. This dashboard also helps with creating new links as well as completing payments.

Add PLUG in your
apps today

Start monetizing users for incremental revenue once they are done with your app

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Sign up with PubScale for free

Step 2

Integrate PLUG in your apps

Step 3

Start making additional revenue

Amazing Games available on PLUG

Earn incremental revenue by adding games into your apps.

Maximize revenue and user engagement in your apps by seamlessly integrating PLUG.

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