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15 September, 2023

The best AppSamurai alternative - PubScale

The best AppSamurai alternative - PubScale
  • This article does a thorough comparative study of two coveted user acquisition platforms- PubScale and AppSamurai.
  • It also talks about how PubScale functions as a top-notch AppSamurai alternative for advertisers and outlines the benefits it brings to them.

The ad spending on digital advertising is projected to reach over $679 billion in 2023, according to Statista. Formulating a strong user acquisition strategy is the need of the hour. Many advertisers now rely on ad networks for this purpose. By collaborating with the right ad network advertisers allow advertisers to connect with the right audience and acquire users effectively. This leads to the question: Which ad network is the best for advertisers?

In this guide, we will compare two popular ad networks- PubScale and AppSamurai, to help you make an informed decision about the most suitable ad network for your needs

What is PubScale

PubScale is an all-in-one platform that facilitates user acquisition for apps, websites, and games. This one-stop platform prioritizes positive user experience and has an easy-to-use dashboard. With PubScale, you can enhance your revenue stream, analyze your app growth, and optimize your ad spend. The PubScale dashboard is versatile with various robust features. Additionally, it enables users to access a demo page, where they can experiment with the platform and understand how it works.

How does PubScale work

PubScale is a simple self-serve, user acquisition platform that enables you to set goal-based campaigns for app installs, clicks, and more. It supports advanced targeting and tracking features to help you reach your desired audience and gain insights into their preferences.

Some of its essential features are as follows:

  1. User acquisition at minimal costs

    By creating result-oriented campaigns, PubScale will help you acquire users who will actively engage with your app. The platform will guide you in selecting the right campaign, targeting your customers, and monitoring your ad performance.

  2. Versatile support

    The platform offers multiple pricing models to choose from, precise tracking abilities and app installs at a minimal cost. PubScale serves as the ideal Demand-Side Platform (DSP) for scaling your app installation campaigns.

  3. Multiple campaign types

    Explore multiple campaign types and select from, various pricing models, including Cost Per Install (CPI), Cost Per Registration (CPR), Cost Per Lead (CPL), and Cost Per Action (CPA). Customize your performance marketing campaigns to align with your desired Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).

  4. Bids and targeting

    You can customize your bids for each performance marketing campaign and set a daily cap for clicks and conversions. Additionally, you can also target audiences based on their country, state, and operating system.

  5. Supported tracking mechanism

    PubScale enables easy tracking with its built-in system and compatibility with third-party trackers and Mobile Measurement Partners (MMP). This ensures accurate tracking on the dashboard.

  6. Advertiser analytics

    PubScale also gives comprehensive insights into campaign performance by providing actionable metrics like clicks, conversions, spending, and more. This can help optimize your ad performance effectively. The dashboard also aids in conversion tracking to precisely track user information and conversions.

  7. Pricing and wallet system

    PubScale operates as a prepaid user acquisition platform with a user-friendly wallet system. You can conduct ad operations regularly by recharging your wallet. The campaign amount will be automatically deducted when you run campaigns.

Additionally, PubScale also offers a top-notch solution to maximize your ad revenue by enabling you to display high-quality ads on your apps, websites, and games. Through this platform, you can gain access to premium Google demand partners, direct advertisers, and over 15 other ad networks.

PubScale also helps achieve a maximum yield on every impression through ad mediation and demand partner optimization. PubScale helps enhance revenue across existing ad networks, including AdMob, conducts A/B testing, and identifies top-performing ad formats and placements.

A journey of PubScale dashboard

PubScale DashboardPubScale Dashboard

PubScale’s dashboard is an easily navigable space for beginners and experts alike. To get started, you must first create an account with PubScale. Once you have done that, click GROW on the left navigational panel. Then, click on “Create Campaign” to begin your user acquisition journey.

PubScale offers a variety of campaigns to suit all your user acquisition needs. You can increase your installs on the Google Play Store or App Store with their Cost Per Install campaigns. To boost your registrations, PubScale offers Cost Per Registration (CPR) campaigns. If you are looking for leads, you can choose the Cost Per Lead (CPL) campaigns, which generate targeted leads.

For specific user actions within the app, PubScale's Cost Per Action (CPA) campaigns can optimize for custom actions. To acquire and engage users outside Google Play Store or Apple App Store, PubScale offers APK Install and APK Register campaigns.

In addition to these campaigns, PubScale also helps integrate your apps or websites for monetization and yield optimization.

With these simple and easy-to-follow steps, PubScale has made scaling your app business less complex and more efficient.

Benefits for advertisers

Advertisers can enjoy numerous proven advantages by leveraging PubScale’s app growth strategies, ranging from longer retention to increased conversions. Here are some of these benefits:

  1. Enhanced user engagement: With PubScale's multiple campaigns, you can increase your Daily Active Users (DAU) and Monthly Active Users (MAU) with ease.
  2. Improved conversions: Advertisers can gain high conversion rates on every campaign on PubScale at a low Cost Per User Acquisition.
  3. Higher user loyalty: PubScale offers effective retention strategies and assists in implementing techniques that extend user lifecycles, thereby boosting your app's revenue stream.
  4. Boosted Lifetime Value (LTV): PubScale helps gain access to high-quality users and guarantees a substantial LTV. With meticulous strategy curation, PubScale will ensure high-quality and long-term users.
  5. Better Return on Ad Spend (ROAS): PubScale's performance marketing campaigns executed on their mobile DSP ensure positive ROAS.
  6. Seamless ad operations: PubScale has a team of ad operations experts who provide support to create and run campaigns on the platform. This results in seamless campaign creation and execution.

What is AppSamurai

AppSamurai is a user acquisition platform that provides advertisers with access to premium global demand. They aim to assist advertisers in achieving their performance marketing objectives through diverse campaigns. Using AI-powered technology, AppSamurai provides tailored app marketing services. The platform focuses on precision-based targeting, with the goal of maximizing an app’s potential.

How AppSamurai works

AppSamurai operates at the forefront of the evolving AdTech landscape and offers a diverse range of services tailored to client requirements.

  1. Boost in user acquisition

    AppSamurai leverages a strategic blend of direct sources such as ad networks, Demand-Side Platforms (DSPs), publishers, and reward platforms. In doing so, the platform's algorithm dynamically selects the most effective combination from this array of sources and helps acquire high-quality users.

  2. Rewarded engagement

    The platform uses rewarded ad placements and direct Offerwall ads to boost an app's visibility and engagement organically.

  3. Influencer marketing

    AppSamurai also taps into the power of influencers and amplifies app reach and engagement.

  4. OEM Approach

    AppSamurai leverages OEM advertising to scale app growth with ease. It helps deliver your app directly to the targeted users' screens with on-device app displays based on behavioral data and your KPIs. It has many pre-installed campaigns that help reach new users as a pre-installed "featured" app.

  5. Cost Per Install (CPI) system

    It is a cost-effective bidding method for mobile apps. It helps gain high-quality users and offers a transparent tracking of ROAS.

Additionally, AppSamurai has other campaign options like video campaigns, acquisition campaigns, and boost campaigns, all of which leverage the CPI model. AppSamurai also has a top-notch tracker and robust ad fraud detection and prevention measures.

A brief intro of AppSamurai dashboard

AppSamurai dashboardAppSamurai dashboard

AppSamurai’s dashboard comprises comprehensive user acquisition campaigns with simple steps to get started.

Once you create an account with AppSamurai and log in, you will be presented with a dashboard displaying clicks, installs, events, and spending. This display helps you view the primary metrics they seek to view in one go. Additionally, there is a graph tool that helps visualize the campaign metrics better.

On the left column of the dashboard, you will have options to link your app to the platform and start creating campaigns. Click the "Add New App" to integrate your app with the platform. Next, click on "Submit a Campaign", create a campaign name, schedule it for a specific time frame, and choose between "User Acquisition", "Rewarded Engagement" or "OEM", based on your campaign objective.

Next, enter the metrics you seek to track, your target locations, and the name of the attribution partner, and choose your visual assets. You can also view your campaign performance in the "Reporting" section.

Advantages for advertisers

  1. Optimized campaigns for user engagement: AppSamurai uses the Cost Per Install (CPI) payout model and employs an optimization engine to bring in high-quality users. It also focuses on post-install events like level achievement, in-app purchases, and registration.
  2. Comprehensive tracking abilities: AppSamurai can seamlessly integrate with tracking providers and link campaigns with them easily. The campaign metrics are automatically passed on to the AppSamurai dashboard for you to view at your convenience. This platform also supports third-party tracking tools, allowing you to track your metrics with ease.
  3. Ad fraud detection and data security: AppSamurai hosts robust fraud prevention measures like click spam detection, virtual device identification, and VPN protection. This results in more accurate tracking of campaign metrics and helps maintain data security.
  4. Recommendation engine and automated sub-publisher optimization: AppSamurai has a recommendation engine that gives suggestions on target countries and stores for the campaigns. It also provides estimations on daily installs and automates sub-publisher optimization based on your KPIs. This, in turn, helps streamline campaign management and maximizes results.
  5. Diverse ad formats and ad options: AppSamurai offers numerous ad formats to choose from. They are interactive banners, playable ads, interactive video ads, rewarded video ads, and interstitial ads. Additionally, the platform offers three distinct ad options- video campaigns, acquisition campaigns and boost campaigns.

Why choose PubScale over AppSamurai

Why choose PubScale over AppSamuraiWhy choose PubScale over AppSamurai
  1. One-stop platform:
    PubScale offers a single platform to suit app growth and user acquisition needs. It serves as a platform that can benefit both publishers and advertisers by boosting their ad revenue and ROIs, respectively. With its ability to monetize apps or websites, acquire users, and optimize yields, PubScale stands out among other ad networks.

  2. Diverse campaign models:
    PubScale offers a wide range of pricing models to facilitate the user acquisition needs of both apps and websites. You can select from different payout models based on your KPIs, such as Cost Per Install (CPI), Cost Per Registration (CPR), Cost Per Lead (CPL), and Cost Per Action (CPA).

  3. Yield optimization capabilities:
    PubScale employs bidding techniques like waterfall and smart waterfall to ensure better returns. It also functions as an ad mediation platform and connects advertisers with high-quality publishers.

  4. Dedicated 24/7 Ad Ops support:
    PubScale provides round-the-clock support with its team of dedicated Account Managers, who will assist you in navigating the programmatic space and PubScale’s dashboard, ensuring the success of your campaigns.

Concluding words

There are multiple ad networks that can help in your user acquisition strategy, and it is crucial to explore all the available options before settling on one. Advertisers must choose the ad network that best aligns with their KPIs and campaign goals. PubScale is one such dependable partner that can efficiently support your user acquisition requirements.

We hope you found this blog informative. Keep watching this space as we are always coming up with insightful pieces.

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