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10 March, 2024

14 Best Offerwall Ad Networks for 2024

14 Best Offerwall Ad Networks for 2024
  • Gaining users is only the first step toward creating a lucrative portfolio in the cutthroat world of mobile marketing. The real test is raising the value of downstream engagement and developing post-install loyalty.
  • Mobile app publishers must maximize each install. Offerwall ad networks fill that need. Offerwall ad networks are providing support in countering the "window shopper" phenomenon using pricing schemes and product attributes that enhance post-install engagement and retention.
  • Come along as we deconstruct the facts and help you understand which Offerwall platform is the most excellent fit for maximizing your revenue.

Offerwall ad networks serve as a medium for advertisers, publishers, and you (the business). It contributes to increasing the app's traffic and user base. Although Offerwalls work well with a wide range of websites and apps, gaming apps are the ones that use them the most. A variety of payment options, such as Cost Per Action (CPA), Cost Per Install (CPI), and revenue share models, are usually available through Offerwall ad networks. These processes give advertisers and publishers flexibility.

By motivating users to choose a task and complete it, it delivers rewards to users for achieving predefined targets. These tasks might be anything from opening an ad to setting up an account on the app.

Acquiring the appropriate offer at the optimal moment can significantly increase your profits. It can take some time and labor to sort through the offers on different networks, though. OfferWall ad networks streamline the procedure by combining offers from several advertisers into a single location.

If there's anything you still don't understand, let us explain before you browse our list of the 14 best Offerwall ad networks.

What are Offerwall Ad Networks

Offerwall Ad Networks are a particular kind of in-app advertising that lets developers monetize their investment through user engagement. They function as a sort of mini-store inside an app, offering users a range of incentives or activities to fulfill to earn in-app purchases. These tasks or activities can include everything from filling out surveys and watching ads to creating an account and making in-app purchases.

The following are some essential characteristics of the best Offerwall ad networks:

  • Increases in-app purchases.
  • High user engagement.
  • Higher eCPMs.
  • Monetize non-paying users.
  • Encourages greater user retention.
  • Enhances user experience.
  • Draw high-quality users and increase ARPDAU.
  • Safeguard your game app against invalid traffic.
  • User-friendly tasks & instant rewards.
  • Easy integration.

Best Offerwall Ad Networks 2024

Here is our 2024 list of the best Offerwall platforms:

  1. PubScale
  2. AppsPrize
  3. Tapjoy
  4. Adjoe
  5. Revu
  6. Mistplay
  7. Timewall
  8. Torox
  9. AdGem
  10. Archer
  11. OfferDaddy
  12. Bitlabs
  13. AdGate Media
  14. AyeTstudios

Let’s get started -

  1. PubScale

    PubScale Offerwall ad network is the most versatile and dynamic offerwall in the market, converting regular visitors into paying customers. PubScale Offerwall's standard integration supports Android applications made with Unity. With its diverse range of Offerwall ad formats, businesses can boost revenue from high-retention users and elevate the in-game economy.

    Key Features:

    • Witness industry-leading offer values and completion rates.
    • Unlock revenue opportunities in more than 50 countries worldwide.
    • 5000+ Offers, AI-Powered, Game landscape mode, Better eCPMs.
    • Users are shown only offers that they are most likely to complete, which enhances both user experience and revenue.
    • High user engagement with the app economy.
    • Quick issue resolution with an integrated support system.
    • Support for 50+ Countries.
    • Ad Units offer user-friendly tasks & instant rewards.
    • Draws in high-quality users and increases ARPDAU.
    • Safeguards your app against Invalid Traffic.
    • Data-driven Optimization.
    • Monetize Non-paying Users.
    • 30-day billing cycle.
    • Custom ad creatives.
    • Premium ad networks and demand partners.
    • Multiple payment options.

    Benefits: PubScale' Offerwall empowers game publishers with a steadfast offerwall ad network that lets businesses make huge earnings from your users as they interact with businesses, watch videos, complete deals, and acquire rewards.

  2. AppsPrize

    A valuable tool for monetization, the AppsPrize Offerwall ad network offers task-based awards in addition to dynamic offers. Further, apps and websites may both incorporate it.

    As they complete the necessary levels and in-game tasks, players advance through the multi-reward structure and earn increasingly bigger awards. This increases users' engagement and encourages them to take on more challenging post-install assignments, which boosts the publisher's earnings extensively.

    Key Features:

    • User-friendly integration.
    • Revenue-boosting multi-reward structure.
    • Global audience.
    • 120+ daily active offers.
    • 2M+ tasks completed.

    Benefits: Being present in more than 60 countries makes the platform a popular option for publishers and developers globally, giving them access to such a large audience.

  3. Tapjoy

    Tapjoy is one of the best Offerwall ad networks, enabling advertisers to reach over a billion monthly active users via value-exchange advertising. App creators can monetize their content, expand their audiences, and reward users by utilizing Tapjoy's Offerwall integration, which concentrates on mobile games and apps.

    Tapjoy Offerwall pays mobile users for their time by facilitating the connection between premium publishers and top advertisers. This Offerwall company guarantees high user engagement and retention by providing a range of ad formats such as rewarded video advertising as well as in-app purchases.

    Key Features:

    • Value exchange advertising.
    • High user engagement.
    • One billion monthly users.
    • Video ads
    • Rewarded video ads.
    • In-app purchases.
    • Trusted by top publishers.
    • Deep linking supported.
    • Attribution tracking.
    • Global organization.

    Benefits: Tapjoy gives customers virtual currency to view video ads, subscribe to services, and download sponsored apps instead of clicking on banner ads. After that, users may use that virtual money to get publishers' in-app content unlocked.

    In addition to providing a different approach to app distribution and market data collection, the network's Pay Per Engagement model for brands and advertisers may also provide a more stable Return On Investment (ROI) than standard CPC or CPM networks.

  4. Adjoe

    The Adjoe Offerwall platform targets publishers and advertisers who are looking to monetize traffic. Ad networks like Adjoe Offerwall are giving publishers and marketers innovative ways to interact with their audience and grow their businesses. They assist advertisers in connecting with their most valued users by utilizing the power of premium targeting and rewarded engagement.

    Advertisers and publishers looking to display ads or make money off of app traffic are the target audience for Adjoe. This offerwall platform may be of particular interest to app operators. With the help of Adjoe's patented technology, publishers may enhance their monetization tactics to engage users more deeply and increase revenue.

    Key Features:

    • Advanced Analytics.
    • Playtime.
    • Advanced user-profile targeting.
    • Contextual targeting.
    • Anti-fraud solutions.
    • Revenue boost with enhanced user engagement.
    • Video ads.

    Benefits: With Adjoe's time-based rewarded ad unit Playtime, advertisers can reach their target demographic more effectively by utilizing premium user profile targeting capabilities. Advanced user profile targeting features, such as age, gender, and mobile interests, as well as more contextual targeting choices, are made possible by its first-party data.

  5. RevU

    RevU is a digital advertising platform that uses a lightweight, proprietary offerwall to monetize websites and mobile apps. The RevU Offerwall platform is marketed as the most adaptable offerwall in the business.

    Considering itself a premium offerwall ad network and survey monetization for mobile apps, games, and websites, RevU offers direct-to-consumer, brand, and app campaigns to improve and diversify revenues on any platform. In the meantime, gamers acquire the banknotes they expect to keep playing the game, and market research businesses get the information they require.

    Key Features:

    • A robust survey inventory.
    • Millions of daily active users.
    • 21 percent higher conversion rate.
    • Industry-leading eCPMs.
    • Attractive payouts.
    • Easy single-platform integration with the use of a web link.
    • Gamers only need to start with three data points.
    • Comparable performance on Android and iOS smartphones.
    • Only pay for results.
    • Reaching almost any demographic.

    Benefits: There are tens of millions of users worldwide and millions of daily active users on RevU's platform in the US. They never function on a CPM basis; rather, you only pay for the result you want. Gamers can improve their gaming experience through a fascinating and rewarding method with RevU survey offerwalls. Publishers gain from a robust survey inventory, great conversion rates, fewer initial data points needed from gamers, and a single platform to interface with, thanks to RevU's survey Offerwall.

  6. Mistplay

    Mistplay Offerwall's AI-powered game recommendations and constant player incentive systems, created especially for mobile game publishers and developers, signify the next advancement in incentivized advertising.

    Mistplay offers mobile game marketers a long-term, loyalty-centric user acquisition solution in contrast to classic incentivized growth channels like mobile offerwalls, which only motivate engagement up to a point and direct consumers out of the game.

    Key Features:

    • Continuous reward system.
    • Owned inventory.
    • AI-powered recommendation engine.
    • Exchange your units for fantastic rewards like PayPal, Google Play, Amazon gift cards, and more.

    Benefits: A customized collection created exclusively for you is your games catalog. Choose a game you enjoy and get into it. You gain more Units as you play longer. In addition, when you finish missions, achievement badges become available. You will have more Units to spend on rewards with each badge you acquire!

  7. Timewall

    Timewall Network claims to provide the highest payouts in the industry. Rewards sites, faucets, mobile apps, and virtual currency website owners can increase revenue by monetizing their non-paying visitors with the help of the Timewall Offerwall platform.

    Key Features:

    • Monetize non-paying users.
    • State-of-the-art dashboard with real-time analytics.
    • Unique Offers.
    • Numerous payment methods such as Wire transfer, ACH Transfer, AirTM, Payeer, Bitcoin, or USDT.
    • Performance optimization with relevant analytics.
    • Live chat support for users and site owners.

    Benefits: They have their advertising platform with their direct advertisers, which is one of the main advantages.

  8. Torox

    One of the few best web-based offerwall ad networks that connects users globally is Torox Offerwall. They empower websites, games, and apps to improve brand awareness, offer ways to monetize content, and introduce people to excellent content.

    You may start monetizing your traffic and increasing your profits with only a few easy steps, and no complicated coding knowledge is required. Further, it's simple to make your website compatible with Torox. You can start generating income from browser-based consumers with just a few clicks.

    Key Features:

    • Web-based Offerwall.
    • 9M+ Monthly active users.
    • No-code, easy integration.
    • Turn users into revenue.
    • Relevant offers and numerous rewards.
    • High customization.
    • Enhanced engagement and conversion rates.
    • Global and direct traffic.

    Benefits: Its intuitive platform facilitates the customization and tailoring of the Offerwall to your website's style and aesthetic, resulting in a seamless user experience that boosts conversions.

  9. AdGem

    AdGem Offerwall is an ad network that offers easy integration and a variety of alternatives to suit your needs, including desktop, mobile web, and in-app. Additionally, users are paid for engaging with the content they pick, and its non-intrusive ad units are fully opt-in. Additionally, its fully integrated customer support team offers expertise and handles support questions in a direct and timely manner.

    Key Features:

    • Smooth integration.
    • Non-intrusive, fully opt-in ad unit.
    • Fully integrated customer support.
    • Improved user experience and engagement.
    • Access to behavior data on views, clicks, retention, offer wall opens, and other analytics related to ad engagement.

    Benefits: AdGem is a marketplace and SDK for reward-based monetization that connects advertisers with active audiences across the globe using a user-centric strategy. Furthermore, it maximizes Return On Investment (ROI) for developers and marketers by offering a premium native ad experience to users through sophisticated bidding technology and precise targeting. Also, the AdGem Offerwall can be integrated into your website in three different ways.

    1. Direct Links
    2. iFrame
    3. AdGems API
  10. Archer Media

    One of the offerwall platforms that concentrate on generating leads through display links, offerwalls, and content lockers is Archer Media. It provides offers for every platform and device, enabling you to monetize your websites, games, and apps.

    The advertising network Archer Media Offerwall empowers publishers and advertisers by providing them with robust reporting suites and patented solutions that make it easier for them to work together.

    Key Features:

    • Dedicated customer support service.
    • Lead generation through Display links, Offerwalls, and content lockers.
    • Robust reporting suites and proprietary solutions.
    • Customized solutions for publishers and advertisers.
    • Increased engagement and revenue.

    Benefits: Archer takes compliance quite seriously and provides a range of tools to find and stop hidden spyware & adware, as well as fraud protection. Also, it guarantees that all of its partners receive the best possible customer service. Further, its affiliate marketing solutions enable advertisers to succeed across all digital and interactive marketing channels, such as content lockers, offerwalls, cost per action, and click.

  11. OfferDaddy

    OfferDaddy can assist you in optimizing revenue by creating engaging offerwalls. This Offerwall company uses the best Offerwall technology to draw users to do the suggested actions. Additionally, it's a platform that doesn't require any verification; it's just a straightforward network where you can register, build a website, incorporate code, and begin making money.

    Coins, points, or any other type of virtual money can be selected as your currency. There are several options for payment, including PayPal, Payoneer, bank transfers, and Bitcoin. For Bitcoin, the minimum payout is $5; for PayPal, it is $10; for Payoneer, it is $70; and for bank transfers, it is $100.

    Key Features:

    • Real-time offer inventory.
    • Faster payouts.
    • Seamless multi-platform functionality.
    • Excellent deals rewarding in virtual currency.
    • Language translation.
    • Top-notch customer service.

    Benefits: The majority of OfferDaddy's offers are for downloading apps and completing online surveys. You can get assistance from your Account Manager after adding your website or if you need help with integration. They guarantee a daily rise in user engagement and grander revenue from traffic and your combined online products.

  12. BitLabs

    BitLabs is another one of the helpful Offerwall ad networks around these days that help earn revenue through its customizable offerwall. BitLabs surveys must be added to your in-game store or any other location within your app after you launch the BitLabs Offerwall.

    With its customizable Offerwall, you may increase the revenue from BitLabs surveys in your app by offering users a selection of the top 10 surveys. Users can utilize the BitLabs Offerwall platform to receive rewards in the form of coins, currency, or tokens after completing the survey. (As they choose). The geography, the number of active users, and rewarded survey execution affect the estimated revenue.

    Key Features:

    • Advanced dashboard to maintain complete control over your profits.
    • Real-time changes without coding.
    • Advanced customization features with the ability to alter colors, conversion rates, currency icons, and much more.
    • Easily set minimum profits per completion, operating modes, and conversion rates.
    • 73 supported countries.
    • Quick net 30 payouts.
    • Globally high fill rates.
    • Custom reward currency.

    Benefits: In comparison to regular ads or rewarded video ads, BitLabs survey eCPM is significantly higher than the alternatives. Therefore, you should anticipate a noticeable boost in revenues. Additionally, you may alter colors, currency icons, conversion rates, and numerous other features using its sophisticated customization tools.

  13. AdGate Media

    AdGate Media helps in the revenue maximization of desktop and mobile app developers. It does this by rewarding users for interacting with premium brands through non-intrusive advertising.

    The AdGate rewards offerwall, their flagship product, enables users to freely interact with premium brands in exchange for digital incentives on their preferred social media platform. Offers from AdGate Media include sign-ups, registrations, installs for apps, web games, surveys, and more. It can also target depending on the device and geo.

    Key Features:

    • Simple integration with a lightweight SDK.
    • High-performing eCPMs.
    • Highly engaging ad unit that boosts user retention within your app or website.
    • Exclusive inventory that standard DSPs do not provide access to.
    • Invest only in necessary KPIs (such as installs, subscriptions, or engagement).
    • Adapt to any size budget.

    Benefits: AdGate is well-equipped to manage users shifting towards mobile devices by providing customized offers for their mobile devices and apps. Advertisers can rely on a dependable, high-quality reward network that is watched after and collaborates with a committed account manager to optimize value.

    It calls itself the best ad network in terms of ROI and incentive quality. Publishers can monetize their content by using the AdGate Media offerwall. It offers the best rewards through both its website and app monetization.

  14. AyeTstudios

    A Rewarded Ads Platform for Web, Mobile, and In-App Traffic, AyeT-Studios specializes in Offerwall and Rewarded Video Ad Monetization. With its Offerwall and Rewarded Video solutions for iOS, Android, and the Open Web, publishers can earn profits from their traffic. Your monetization strategy will be improved and complemented by complimentary APIs such as an Offerwall API, a Reporting API, and a Static Offers API.

    Through various direct publisher integrations, advertisers can design, manage, and enhance their rewarded ad campaigns with their intelligent platform.

    Key Features:

    • Rewarded ad formats.
    • Multi-engagement campaigns.
    • Premium direct supply.
    • Monetize free users.
    • An abundance of offers in return for virtual currency.
    • Enhanced user experience.
    • Increased user retention.
    • Boosted revenue and in-app purchases.

    Benefits: You can use its hybrid Header Bidding system (prebid.js) and traditional waterfall setup to monetize your browser and client-based games and services using Rewarded Video. It also helps you take advantage of varied video demand.

    Using its self-serve dashboard, set up CPI, CPA, or Multi-Engagement Campaigns and get premium direct supply to fully handle your ad spend. Also, you may get the best ad campaign strategy and optimization with the assistance of their committed account managers.

How to Choose the Best Offerwall Ad Networks

With so many choices around, it might be challenging to pick the ideal Offerwall ad network for your requirements. When analyzing Offerwall ad networks, that is appropriate in a crowded market, bear the following points in mind:

  • Ads on the Offerwall ad network need to be in the same niche as the content you publish.
  • A sizable ad pool and a fair price range are essential for your selected Offerwall vendor.
  • You have to have access to relevant data from them.
  • User-friendly offers and rewards.
  • Easy integration.
  • The Offerwall ad network must pay its publishers on schedule.

Final Words

Offerwalls are a popular method of monetizing gaming apps and websites. Offerwall ad networks come in a variety of types, but the most profitable networks share a few vital elements. A diverse range of offers with varying reward levels is what the top performers deliver to cater to a wide range of user preferences. Their technologies are efficient in identifying fraudulent activity, and they collaborate with premium advertisers.

Above all, the best Offerwall ad networks put the needs of their advertisers first and focus on giving users a smooth, satisfying experience that keeps them interested. As a publisher, you can boost the revenue generated from ads by selecting an Offerwall network that strikes this ideal balance.

Now that we've covered every crucial detail of the top Offerwall companies for 2024, perhaps you have the best Offerwall Ad network for yourself. These Offerwall platforms can be quite beneficial to game creators who want to use their audience to generate sizable revenue from their apps and games.

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