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Churn rate

What is churn rate?

Churn rate indicates the percentage of users lost during a given period. Churned users are those who stop using your app, which is indicated by uninstalls, loss of user sessions, etc.

Why should you calculate churn rate?

Determining churn rate is important to understand if your app needs changes in any aspect, such as UI, UX, features, prices, and more. This, in turn, helps you improve user retention and app revenue.

How to calculate churn rate

The formula to calculate the churn rate for a given period, such as week, month, etc., is as follows:

Users at the start of the period - Users at the end of the period / Users at the start of the period

What is a good churn rate?

Higher churn rates mean that you are losing more users. Thus, churn rates must be as low as possible.

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