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Deep Linking

What is a deep link

A deep link is a URL on a webpage, in an email, or in a message that directly takes a user to a specific in-app page. Deep links seek to provide users with a seamless experience while navigating the app-scape.

How does deep linking work

Deep linking creates a comprehensive map of the app's screen, similar to a website. This means that every webpage has a subsequent screen in the app so that users can move easily from a web browser into an app.

Deep links are not restricted to mobile websites. They can also occur in the form of push notifications and emails. This ensures the user is met with relevant content and increases conversion rates

Importance of deep linking

Deep links are usually used to create a user-friendly experience and to track how well an user aqcuisition campaign performs. Since deep links take users directly to their target location with a click, deep links help decrease churn rates. It also helps increase installs.'

This ensures that marketers can create highly performing targeted performance marketing campaigns. Deep links can also ensure that users make more in-app purchases. Since users do not have to make the extra effort to search for an app page manually, their experience will likely be more seamless. So users will be enticed into paying for a service.

Deep links are also useful in retargeting campaigns. Deep links use dynamic retargeting when a user views a product and takes them directly to the product screen, and ensures a seamless experience. Deep links aim to remove any friction users might face by redirecting them to their page of interest without manual navigation.

Deep links also provide mobile marketers insights into each campaign and help track the source of conversion. This helps marketers make data-driven decisions and optimize their campaigns.

Deep links can facilitate a customized onboarding experience for new users. By showing users content based on their referral source or previous interactions, the app can have an increased likelihood of retaining these users.

Deep links also have auto-referral features. For instance, one could share a referral code with a friend through a deep link. When the second person clicks on the referral link, the deep link ensures that the referral code is automatically entered into the required slot.

Deep linking also aids in cross-platform support. By reaching out to audiences across platforms and ensuring a consistent user experience, deep links can help increase brand visibility.

Apps best suited for deep linking

Multiple apps across different industries can utilize deep linking. Some of them are as follows.

  • E-commerce apps: Users can easily land on a product page or promotional offers from a web browser if the app uses deep links.
  • Food delivery apps: Deep links can direct users to a food delivery page from a menu page for a smoother ordering experience.
  • Gaming apps: Deep linking can help users land on specific game levels or in-game rewards from their current level.
  • News apps: Users can land on specific articles or videos from certain news segments with the help of deep links.
  • Music streaming apps: Deep linking can take users to particular songs, playlists, or video content.

Deferred deep links

A deferred deep link allows users to be redirected from a specific page to a particular location in an app. If the app in question has yet to be installed by a user, then the deferred deep link takes the user to the app store link. This makes the user acquisition process faster and more certain.

Let's illustrate this concept with an example. Suppose a retail app called "ShipKart" seeks to run a marketing campaign that offers a 20 percent discount to new users who make their first purchase. ShipKart will make a deferred link that takes users to the app's registration page from another webpage and will include a unique parameter that offers a 20 percent discount.

If a user who has not installed ShipKart comes across an ad or a link on social media, they are likely to be intrigued by the 20 percent discount.

Once the user installs the app, it opens and directly takes them to the registration page, where they can sign up, purchase, and gain their 20 percent discount. This smooth redirection encourages users to continue using the app, thus increasing app retention.

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