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Gaming ad networks

What are gaming ad networks

A mobile gaming ad network is a provider of ad spaces within a gaming app. By collaborating with game publishers and game developers, gaming ad networks allow them to post ad inventory on gaming apps. This links advertisers with mobile games; in doing so, these game ad networks can help them drive conversions.

Game advertising networks fit in the larger picture of in-game advertising. In-game advertising refers to the ads that appear between two levels, or during natural pauses or transitions in a game. These ads can be of various types and are designed to hold the audience’s interest. In-game advertising networks act as intermediaries between a game developer and a game publisher. They make mobile advertising simple by acting as a marketplace that connects businesses and apps.

Features of mobile game ad networks for advertisers

An advertiser must be clear on specific criteria before selecting a gaming ad network. These criteria are as follows.

  1. The gaming genre the gaming ad network specializes in
  2. The strategies employed by the game ad network to advertise a gaming app
  3. Mobile game ad network’s availability of ad inventory and how well they can display the content
  4. Rate of interaction with a game publisher’s app or website
  5. Method of selecting the ideal user

Ad formats used by game advertising network

Choosing the correct gaming ad format determines how well an ad can be displayed on the app or website. Some of the standard ad formats that gaming ad networks make use of are as follows.

  • Rewarded ads: These ads are played for a few seconds, rewarding users with extra points or lives if they watch the entire video. They are meant to increase user engagement and impressions and also encourage users to play the game further.
  • Interstitial ads: They are full-screen ads that cover the entire screen of a user. They are usually presented to a user to generate more impressions, which they succeed in doing because of their size.
  • Banner ads: These ads are similar to the billboard ads but in a digital form. They are usually immobile and they appear on mobile platforms at the top or bottom.
  • Native ads: They are non-intrusive and blend in with the mobile app interface. They appear like the actual content of a mobile app.
  • Playable ads: Playable ads are those ads that allow a user to experience a demo version of a game. These interactive ads enable a user to test it out before they can download it. This helps a user experience the 's look "and feel beforehand."

Top 6 best ad networks for mobile games

  1. Google AdMob
  2. Unity Ads
  3. PubScale
  4. Media.Net
  5. Supersonic
  6. AdColony

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