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Leaderboard ads

What are leaderboard ads?

Leaderboard ads are sized 728X90 pixels and usually positioned at the top of a web page so that users can view them as soon as the page loads. Also called leaderboard banners, these ads are high-performing because of their placement.

Importance of leaderboard ads

  • Flexible placements: Leaderboard ads can be placed on the top of a web page as well as at the bottom. They are placed at the bottom to avoid being ignored by users and retain visibility even when they scroll down. In other words, leaderboard ads can have flexible placements to increase viewability.
  • Adaptability to multiple devices: Leaderboard ads can be placed on desktop and tablet-optimized websites. They can have text, images, static, and dynamic elements, making them highly adaptable to different requirements.
  • Mobile leaderboards: Mobile or smartphone leaderboard ads are sized 320X50 and perform well without interrupting the user experience.
  • Super leaderboards: Super leaderboards or large leaderboards are even bigger than their regular size, usually 970X90. They are used to overcome banner blindness or improve viewability.

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