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Puzzle Games

What are Puzzle Games

Puzzle Games are usually mobile games that are designed to help develop the players' problem-solving and logical thinking skills. These games are usually in the form of workplace building, pattern recognition, logical reasoning, or match-three objects. Puzzles can be incorporated in every game genre either as a filler or a main part of the game.

How do Puzzle Games work

Puzzle Games typically require players to successfully complete a level, whether it involves solving a puzzle or navigating a maze, before allowing them to advance to the next stage. The higher the level, the more complex the puzzle is. These Puzzle Games can range from single-player games to multi-player games, depending on the nature of the game.

How to monetize Puzzle Games

Puzzle Games are just another type of gaming app and can be monetized easily with the right strategy. App developers must first identify and segment their target audiences. Next, app developers must start serving ads contextually. They can also serve ads that prompt players to perform actions within the game to win prices (Offerwall ads) and encourage more in-app purchases.

Monetizing Puzzle Games could be a lucrative idea for publishers. Here are some steps on how to do it:

  • Ad Integration Planning: Understand your audience and educate yourselves on their interests. Design your game with the placements of ads in mind.
  • Select Ad Formats: Choose native ads that match the game's aesthetics and feel, making them less obtrusive. You can also go for rewarded video ads that offer players in-game rewards, like extra hints or power-ups, in exchange for watching a video ad. Additionally, you can experiment with banner ads that are non-intrusive when placed on the top or bottom of the game screens.
  • Ad Mediation: Consider using mediation platforms that can help to maximize fill rates and eCPM.
  • Testing and Optimization: Continuously monitor ad performance and take user feedback seriously. Adjust ad frequency, placement, and format based on player behavior and preferences.
  • Focus on User Experience: Ensure that the ads provide a non-disruptive gaming experience. Make it easy for players to skip or close ads. Additionally, it offers ad-free versions of the game through premium upgrades.

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