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Unnatural attention to ads

Unnatural attention to ads

What is unnatural attention to ads

When advertisers try to bring attention to the ads on apps and websites explicitly, it causes unnatural attention to ads violation. This policy violation may occur in the following ways:

  • Flashy animations to draw the users attention to ads.
  • Arrows and other similar graphical elements to point to ads.
  • Emoji hands pointed to an ad.
  • Language encouraging users to click

The reason Google has these policy restrictions is to ensure that publishers, advertisers, and users are protected from fraudulent activities. Moreover, it is to encourage users to click on ads out of genuine interest rather than by force or being tricked into clicking.

Note: Publishers have little control over how the advertisers’ ads look, thus, there are limited actions they can take. Publishers can review the ads in the Review Center and block the advertisers with violation-prone ads to be safe.

How it looks

Below are some examples of ads under this policy violation.

  • Example 1:

    • Arrows and other similar graphical elements to point to ads.
    • Language encouraging users to click.
    Language encouraging users to click.Language encouraging users to click.
  • Example 2: Flashy animations to draw the users attention to ads.

    Flashy animations to draw the users attention to ads.Flashy animations to draw the users attention to ads.

What are its consequences

Flashy ads and any kinds of creatives that try to draw unnatural attention from users are considered intrusive. So, users are likely to click the Close button or move away from the screen.

Since Google does not encourage publishers to display such ads on their app or websites, any violation caused by these ads leads to restricted ad serving on Google AdMob and AdSense. Google may even suspend or terminate the publisher account if such violating ads are shown.

How to avoid it

  • By understanding the psychological effects of colors on different people, you can limit the flashiness in ads.
  • Ad creative content must be subtle and not trying to convince the user to click in any way.
  • Ad creatives must not try to draw attention to ads in any way.
  • Review ads thoroughly.
  • Refine your advertiser list and preferences so that you get ads only from trusted sources.

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How we help you resolve policy violations

  • Our dedicated account managers look into your app and website to identify any policy violations.

  • We suggest ad formats and placements that may perform best according to your app or website’s UI and UX.

  • If policy violations are detected, we provide suggestions and help you resolve them to ensure that monetization is not hindered.

  • We do a thorough audit on a regular basis to avoid policy violations and stalled revenue growth.

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