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Ad blocker

What is an ad blocker?

Ad blockers are browser extensions or plugins that block advertisements on a website. When a web page is loading, an ad blocker, if used, finds scripts that were written to block certain ads and blocks them.

Do ad blockers block only ads?

Ad blockers can be used to occlude various types of content depending on a website’s need. Ad blockers can block:

  • All advertisements
  • Aspects that may compromise user privacy
  • Tracking codes that collect user information
  • Interruptive ads like pop-ups

Effect of ad blockers on a website

Ad blockers can affect the following:

  • Website analytics: If an ad blocker blocks analytics scripts, you may not be able to collect important metrics such as page views and traffic sources.
  • User experience: While some ad blockers can replace blocked content, some cannot. This may cause the website to appear as if it is missing content, leading to a bad user experience.

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