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Ad inventory

What is an ad inventory?

Ad inventory, ad slot, or ad space is the total amount of space available on an app or website where advertisers can display their ads.

How is the value of ad inventory calculated?

The value of a publisher’s ad inventory depends on various factors.

  • Ad placements: There are two types of ad placements - Above the Fold (ATF) and Below the Fold (BTF). ATF ads have better viewability, thus, advertisers are ready to pay more for their impressions. BTF ads are usually preferred second if ATF is not available.
  • Ad sizes and types: Display ad sizes 300×250, 300×600, and 728×90 bring in the most revenue, especially when partnered with the right placements. Rich media ads are another option for high revenues.
  • Traffic sources: The sources of ad traffic play an important role in determining the value of ad inventory. For instance, the highest-valued inventory would have organic traffic of 80% more.
  • Fill and viewability rates: Websites with high fill rates and more active view impressions are considered to have a high inventory value.

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