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Ad mediation

What is ad mediation?

Ad mediation is the process of making your ad inventory or ad space available to multiple advertisers and ad networks through a single Software Development Kit (SDK). Ad mediation platforms or SDKs that support ad mediation automate and streamline the process of finding the best ad network to sell ad space.

How does ad mediation work?

  • An ad request is sent to the ad mediation platform.
  • The ad mediation platform fetches a list of ad networks that can deliver an ad.
  • The ad mediation platform arranges ad networks in order of performance, that is, in order of highest to the lowest bid. Alternatively, publishers can arrange ad networks in their preferred order.
  • The mediation platform gets the first-preferred ad network to fill the request. If it doesn’t, the request is passed on to the next one.
  • The chosen bidder wins, and their ad is shown on the ad space.

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