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Ad operations

What is ad operations?

Ad operations or advertising operations is the process of managing and delivering online advertisements. Ad operations involves numerous tasks such as managing ads, managing the app or website, ad revenue optimization, performance reporting, etc., in order to ensure better ad delivery and achieve higher revenue.

Various aspects of ad operations

Below are some major responsibilities of ad operations teams.

  • Ad trafficking: This involves end-to-end campaign building - strategizing, developing, and running ad campaigns, and post-campaign tasks such as troubleshooting.

  • Campaign timing: Scheduling the campaign for the right time has a huge impact on their performance.

  • Ad optimization: Ad operations teams optimize ads to match current trends, ensure that they are user-relevant, and experiment continuously to get the best results out of the ad campaigns.

  • Demand management: This involves fetching the right demand for a publisher, negotiating, and tracking their performance.

  • Yield management: Ad operations also identify opportunities and sources to generate more revenue through advertising.

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