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Ad trafficking

What is ad trafficking?

Ad trafficking is the process of creating and managing ad campaigns. The person responsible for ad trafficking is called an ad trafficker, who typically uses ad servers to aid the process. Ad traffickers completely take ownership of identifying the right campaign methods and creating and running ad campaigns successfully.

Why is it important?

Ad trafficking is key to running a successful ad campaign. While advertisers want the best results out of their campaigns, publishers want to put their inventory to full use while increasing revenue. Ad trafficking helps in achieving both goals.

Tips for ad traffickers

Below are a few things that ad traffickers must consider to achieve the intended results with ad trafficking.

  • Consider advertiser perspective: Mutually agree on the ad formats that drive the most engagement because that will benefit both the publishers and advertisers.
  • Maintain clear records: Keep track of all the essential information related to ad campaign strategies and their results, as they can help in making future decisions.
  • Take complete control: Even though campaign creatives ideally come from advertisers, ad traffickers must ensure that the creatives are high quality in order to perform well.
  • Stay updated: Programmatic advertising is regularly hit by technological advancements, which is why ad traffickers must keep themselves updated and adapt to every change.

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