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Ad Viewer Rate

What is Ad Viewer Rate

The ad-viewer rate, also referred to as the engagement rate represents the number of users who engage with an ad on a daily basis. This metric can be specific to an ad unit or aggregately measure all ad units.

The ad-viewer rate is the proportion of the number of paid views of a video ad to the number of valid impressions for the video ad.

How to Calculate Ad Viewer Rate

Ad Viewer Rate (AVR) = Unique ad views/DAU

  • Unique ad view: The number of viewers who have seen an ad at least once, regardless of how often they have encountered it.
  • DAU: Daily Active Users (DAU) are the number of active users on an app on a particular day.

Importance of Ad Viewer Rate

Here is why ad viewer rate is important.

  1. Effectiveness of Ad Placement: Opt-in ad formats like rewarded videos enable users to choose if they engage with the ads or not. This interaction makes it crucial for advertisers to place ads in optimal areas to entice users. The ad viewer rate helps gauge the effectiveness of the placement strategy.
  2. ROI Considerations: Return On Investments (ROIs) are important for advertisers to measure campaign success. Additionally, it helps understand if an ad placement has a low ad viewer rate and if it needs modifications.
  3. User Incentives: A low ad-viewer rate indicates that the rewards or incentives given to users are not compelling enough, causing users to not opt in and view the ad. This is a sign that adjustments need to be made to make the ad placements more appealing.

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