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What is app-ads.text?

App-ads.txt is the mobile variant of ads.txt. Ads.txt stands for Authorized Digital Sellers. Interactive Advertising Bureau or IAB first introduced ads.txt, a file that web publishers add to their website to list the authorized sellers of their digital inventory. Ads.txt aims to prevent forged inventory from being sold to advertisers. Since the rise of mobile is increasing each day, IAB came up with the in-app version of the file – app-ads.txt, which app developers must integrate into their apps to prevent inventory fraud.

How to set up app-ads.txt

  • Integrate app-ads.txt into your app.
  • A demand-side platform (DSP) scans the app-ads.txt file before bidding on the app’s inventory.
  • The DSP matches the information in the app-ads.txt file to the bid request.
  • The DSP only accepts bid requests from authorized sellers or resellers

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