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Installs Per Mille

What is Installs Per Mille (IPM)

Installs Per Mille (IPM) is a crucial metric that measures the number of times an app has been installed per 1,000 ad impressions. IPM specifically tracks the conversion rate of ads. IPM is impacted by multiple variables like creatives, supply source, App Store Optimization (ASO), and targeting strategy.

IPM functions as a crucial Key Performance Indicator (KPI) for mobile app marketers. It yields insights into how well an ad campaign performs and helps convert ad views into installs. Furthermore, IPM indicates if a campaign needs optimization or improvement.

How to calculate Installs Per Mille

Installs Per Mille can be calculated with this simple formula:

IPM = (Number of Installs x 1,000) / Number of Impressions

Let's illustrate this with an example.

If an ad campaign was viewed 50,000 times and led to 4,000 installs;

the IPM is: (4000 x 1000) / 50000 = 80.

Why measure Installs Per Mille

  • Installs Per Mille helps app developers gauge the effectiveness of their user acquisition strategy.
  • Adjusting user acquisition strategies and achieving a strong IPM will impact the waterfall bidding process and thus, improve the rank of ad campaigns. This will result in more impressions and traffic.

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