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What is OTT

OTT, or "over-the-top" refers to any online content streamed by a service provider over a laptop, mobile phone, or tablet. This content usually suits the interests and requirements of an individual consumer. Essentially, OTT services are video-on-demand platforms. But they also include audio streaming or internet-based voice calling solutions. OTT services generate revenue through paid subscriptions.

How is OTT delivered

OTT platforms work on an internet-based delivery system. They bypass third-party networks and facilitate customers as long as they have a stable internet connection and a hardware device that supports the platform.

The common devices OTT platforms are supported by are as follows.

  1. Mobile devices: Smartphones and tablets support OTT platforms. Users can download the app and stream these services on the go.
  2. Computers: Computers support streaming content via OTT platforms through desktop-based apps or browsers.
  3. Smart TVs: These TVs come with pre-installed OTT apps and enable users to stream OTT content directly.

Content suitable for OTT

OTT platforms usually revolve around video-on-demand but it also covers other kinds of content. They are as follows.

  • Video: Popular platforms that host series, movies, reality shows and more are available to be streamed online.
  • Audio: Content like internet radio stations and podcasts are popular OTT solutions that can be streamed online.
  • Messaging: OTT-based instant messaging services that connect users by bypassing mobile phones are also enabled by this technology. These options can either replace or integrate with our smartphone's texting features.
  • VOIP: Voice-calling platforms like Skype operate on the internet protocol considered as OTT services.

Importance of OTT

OTT services have emerged as the most preferred option for content-streaming purposes and are becoming increasingly popular. They are important for the following reasons.

  • High-value content: The streaming services release new movies or series every month and keep the audience captivated. By streaming new content, they have nullified the need for people to go to theatres repeatedly.
  • Cost-efficient content: These streaming services have cost-effective packages that can be paid for every month. Many OTT platforms also offer discounts and competitive pricing.
  • Original content: OTT providers like Netflix have begun producing their own movies and series, nullifying the need to obtain a license to host other movies.
  • Device compatibility: OTT platforms are supported across platforms and offer a portable experience by enabling audiences to watch content on mobile phones or tablets.

OTT Advertising

Over-the-top advertising is the distribution of ads through streaming media services that are accessible to all viewers through the Internet. This method harnesses advanced targeting techniques and provides advertisers an opportunity to connect with specific segments of their target audience. Further, it yields comprehensive analytics for evaluating the effectiveness of advertising campaigns.

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