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Preloaded Apps

What are Preloaded Apps

Preloaded apps are mobile apps that are pre-installed on devices before they are sold to users. Companies like Apple and Samsung commonly employ this practice to include a set of essential apps to enhance user experience.

These preloaded apps include fundamental tools like messaging, web browsers, and navigation services. These apps also present a viable opportunity for advertisers or developers who seek to expand their user base.

By collaborating with Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), developers can ensure that their apps are one of the first ones users encounter while operating a new device, effectively leveraging OEM advertising to boost app installs. This placement helps increase brand visibility and can boost engagement rates.

Preloaded Apps and App Performance

Preloaded apps have a significant influence on app performance. Advertisers can carefully select and preload apps on devices to ensure higher installs and engagement. This substantially boosts conversion rates.

Further, this approach helps expand user acquisition campaigns to a large scale. They help amplify the reach of app advertisers and also ensure that the acquired users are of high quality. Moreover, they help acquire users who are genuinely interested and engaged, ultimately resulting in a powerful user acquisition strategy.

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How will Preloaded Apps help in User Acquisition

Preloaded apps play an important role in user acquisition by offering several advantages to advertisers and app developers, as follows:

  1. Immediate visibility: Preloaded apps are displayed on users' devices immediately after they start using their phones. This visibility increases the chances of users interacting with the apps without searching for them in app stores.
  2. Cost-effectiveness: Preloaded apps help advertisers acquire users without expensive marketing campaigns.
  3. Quality user base: Preloaded apps are strategically placed on devices and ensure that they attract relevant users, enhancing the user base for the app.
  4. Segmentation and personalization: Modern technology allows for the segmentation and personalization of preloaded apps, ensuring that specific user groups receive apps tailored to their preferences and needs. This helps increase retention and engagement.

Pitfalls of Preloaded Apps

Preloaded apps come with certain disadvantages that an app developer or advertiser needs to be aware of. These disadvantages are as follows.

  1. Irrelevance: Preloaded apps are installed beforehand and greet users when they open their phones. However, these apps may not be relevant for all users, causing the apps to feel like bloatware.
  2. Storage space: These apps take up considerable storage space on devices and can pose problems if the device has limited storage.
  3. Inability to uninstall: These apps cannot be uninstalled without rooting the device. Rooting devices can be a complex task for some users and can result in them opting to not use the device.

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