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16 October, 2023

19 Best App Marketing Tools to Boost Your App Growth

19 Best App Marketing Tools to Boost Your App Growth

The number of smartphone users has been increasing globally. Based on research done by AdWeek, a popular advertising platform, people spend 25% of their daily time on mobile apps. This trend encourages app developers and owners to use app marketing tools to promote their apps effectively. App businesses may need clarification on choosing the best mobile app marketing platform since numerous options are available. Hence, this blog outlines the essential tools for success in the future.

Overview of app marketing

App marketing strategy is a must-have as it increases revenue, establishes a solid relationship with customers, educates them about the USPs of the app, and eventually converts them to genuine users. To achieve this, you must identify their target audience, find them, and communicate with them effectively.

The app marketing process is similar to a funnel. Although this funnel has several stages, here is a basic overview:

  1. The first stage is the acquisition, where you aim to get customers to download and install the app.
  2. Next is activation, which refers to the initial actions of a user, such as adding their email address or making a first purchase. This stage may differ depending on the app.
  3. Engagement starts when app brands can connect personally and respectfully with their customers and begin generating revenue through the app.
  4. Eventually, loyalty is built through positive experiences that lead to customer satisfaction and advocacy.

While the funnel concept is helpful, users often move between stages in reality, so it is referred to as the "mobile app engagement lifecycle" or "customer app lifecycle".

Mobile App Engagement CycleMobile App Engagement Cycle
  1. PubScale

    PubScale is a self-serve app growth and user acquisition platform designed to help you ensure the overall growth of your app, including traffic, leads, and conversions. The top features supported on this platform are real-time bidding, smart targeting, quick campaign creation, dedicated AdOps support, and data-backed insights. With PubScale, you can uplift app users from scratch and achieve the desired download objective.

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  2. Branch

    As a mobile app marketing tool, Branch is a helpful portable reference, examination, and profound connecting platform. Its people-centered attribution characteristic tracks a user's actions on the mobile application over stages and accurately attributes transformations. Additionally, its deep linking feature guarantees that your connections work over stages and that clients are sent to the proper arriving pages.

  3. App Radar

    App Radar is a mobile app marketing tool that assists you in optimizing your app to boost app store ranking and get more downloads. You may utilize it to look up keywords and their search volumes in the application stores. It may help them identify the appropriate search terms for their mobile app promotion.

  4. Buffer

    Buffer is an app marketing tool that provides effective social media marketing capabilities for apps. Most seasoned app advertisers are familiar with the benefits of Buffer. The tool offers assorted practices, strategies, and techniques marketers pursue in mobile app advertising.

  5. Optimizely

    Optimizely is another helpful app marketing tool that allows you to A/B test mobile app marketing tactics to examine if they are successful. It enables you to experiment with numerous ideas and characteristics on secluded portions of the total traffic. Also, it allows you to make modifications to the existing mobile app, including or discarding attributes without waiting for the next app update launch.

  6. Tapstream

    Tapstream provides you with an array of effective marketing solutions as a comprehensive mobile app marketing tool. With it, you can identify and optimize traffic sources, personalize user experiences, boost engagement rates, A/B test marketing content, etc. It also aids in generating attractive and effective landing pages for your app installation promotion campaigns.

  7. Airship

    The Airship is an app marketing tool that allows advertisers to deliver distinct experiences to app users and prospects. Marketers can hit customers at proper intervals in their user journey with the correct messages. Using this tool, you get the right app analytics and optimize a user’s journey effectively to bring your promotion up a notch.

  8. AppFollow

    AppFollow is a multifaceted mobile app marketing tool that can help you perform app review management, monitor app performance, and engage app users. It also supports app store optimization features that guarantee additional installs for your app. You can additionally react to reviews on any app store in any tongue using this tool.

  9. Appfigures

    Appfigures is a renowned mobile app marketing tool that mainly deals with App Store Optimization and boosting organic app growth. You can perfect your mobile app marketing campaign with the help of premium app intelligence and market research tools by being informed of the newest tendencies. Also, you can read and answer app assessments over multiple app stores in different languages.

  10. Leanplum

    Leanplum is an all-inclusive mobile app marketing tool to obtain new app users and sustain the current ones. It assists you with multi-channel campaigns by improving engagement with app users at vital contact points in their buying journey and absorbing them with appropriate advertising. You can dispatch push notifications and emails based on where a user stands in their path. Ultimately, you can construct attractive marketing strategies that transform to achieve revenue goals.

    Top App Marketing ToolsTop App Marketing Tools
  11. AppsFlyer

    AppsFlyer is another useful mobile app marketing tool for app promotion and obtaining further insights. Its movable attribution technique can help you assign app installs to suitable marketing actions. It also has a robust deep linking framework called OneLink, that enables you to create one link that guides users to the correct page within an app.

  12. AppSamurai

    AppSamurai is a mobile app marketing tool that lets you attain mobile app growth through its AI capabilities. It offers a secure user acquisition platform to acquire loyal and engaged users and even helps boost app performance. It further assists you in getting in touch with the ideal users at the right moment and converting them.

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  13. Localytics

    Localytics by Upland Software is an excellent mobile app marketing tool that will aid you in creating a personalized mobile app experience for users, resulting in better engagement, user loyalty, and higher conversions. It even offers detailed user insights through its app analytics tool.

  14. AppTweak

    AppTweak is another one of the optimal mobile app marketing means that can aid you in enhancing your app store ranking and bringing in additional downloads through an organic approach. You can utilize competitor insights to build effective ad strategies and stay ahead of the app marketing game.

  15. Apptentive

    Apptentive is fundamentally a client feedback participation platform. It permits individuals to respond to user behavior and inputs by supplying excellent and precise understanding. Such a tool helps considerably during promotional initiatives with CTAs and creatives tailored according to the objective.

  16. Usability Hub

    Functionality is a significant element to regard when marketing apps. Your app's materialization should be spotless, inviting, and convenient to operate – but how do you get feedback from genuine users outside of your establishment? The user research and usability testing platform, UsabilityHub allows you to validate your app’s usability with real users and collect essential data required to support your design choices.

  17. App Annie (Now

    App Annie, which is now, is a mobile app marketing tool with end-to-end functionality for effective app marketing and promotion. It provides efficient data on millions of apps to help you optimize your app marketing strategy, an intelligent dashboard for granular advertising data, and tracking functionality to gain important app metrics such as revenue, usage, downloads, and more.

  18. Inapptics

    Inapptics is a mobile app marketing tool that furnishes you with valuable insights that can empower your application advertising methodology. You can acquire data on client conduct that can help you comprehend and focus on your intended audience more appropriately.

  19. Segment

    Segment by Twilio is a software platform that makes obtaining and incorporating your customer information effortless. You can retrieve data from applications such as your CRM program and link it with hundreds of tools for expansion and analytics. For example, you can bond analytics data from your mobile application with personal knowledge from your customer relationship management system to produce a complete profile of your users' backgrounds and behaviors.

How to choose the best app marketing tool for your business

Define your goals

Determine what you want to achieve with your app marketing campaign. It will help you narrow down the options and choose a tool that meets your needs.

Evaluate your audience

Understanding your target audience will help you determine the best channels for reaching them. Some app marketing tools, such as social media or email marketing may target a specific demographic.

Research and compare different tools

Make a list of the top app marketing tools and compare them based on features, pricing, and customer reviews. Look for tools that offer essential features to your business, such as A/B testing, analytics, and integrations with other platforms.

Consider your budget

Some app marketing tools are expensive, while others are free or have a low monthly fee. Consider your budget and what you are willing to spend on marketing.

Test the tools

Try out different app marketing tools and see which one works best for your business. One tool is more effective for reaching your target audience, while another is better for measuring the success of your marketing campaigns. Try to identify one that fulfills all your requirements.

Consider customer support

Choose a tool that offers excellent customer support and resources, such as tutorials, webinars, and FAQs. It will help you get the most out of your marketing campaigns by managing them well and making the most of your investment.


There are numerous app marketing tools to choose from, but before making a decision, app marketers must establish their goals. App marketing plays a critical role in the success of any mobile application. When growing an app, using a user acquisition platform is advisable to drive quality traffic, leads, and conversions to your app.

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