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10 April, 2023

13 Best App Monetization Platforms for Publishers in 2024

13 Best App Monetization Platforms for Publishers in 2024
  • Making an app is just the beginning; whether you're a mobile app developer or a publisher releasing an OTT app, you can always monetize it. By joining an app monetization platform, you can programmatically sell the ad space in your app to advertisers.
  • Check out our top 13 app monetization platforms for publishers to help you with increasing ad revenue in 2024.

You can programmatically sell the ad space in your app to advertisers by signing up with an app monetization platform. The best part is that setting it up doesn't need you to be an expert in ad technology.

Anyhow, if you are new to the market, discovering the best app monetization platform for your app can be challenging. To assist you in finding some of the top mobile app monetization platforms available in the market, we have assembled the following list.

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13 Best App Monetization Platforms

  1. PubScale

    The all-in-one growth platform PubScale is a Google AdX partner. It lets you expand your app's ad revenue while providing speedy user acquisition for apps with exceptional user experiences.

    A first of its kind in the industry, the PubScale app monetization platform merges the top programmatic platforms on the demand and supply sides into a single unified dashboard, dismissing the need for multiple logins on separate tools.

    Due to the high caliber of its work, PubScale has established a niche for itself in a short period. You may quickly level up your publishing business with their unique solutions: AdX, GROW, SDK X, and INSIGHTS.


    • One of PubScale's unique selling points is its team of dedicated account managers, who provide 24-hour-a-day assistance through reliable ad operations to increase monetization with Google AdX.
    • With real-time bidding, several demand partners compete to buy your impressions, guaranteeing maximized ad revenue.
    • PubScale's Google AdX improves fill rates by delivering ad impressions to relevant demand partners and, through better ad formats and viewability, ensures an eCPM boost.
    • Floor Price Optimization ensures that your inventory is sold for the best price.
    • Google MCM (Multiple Customer Management) Partnership
    • Another distinctive feature of PubScale is QA tickets for policy support, where you can submit a QA ticket in the Policy Center for the Google AdX team to review.
    • Also, it offers user acquisition, performance analytics, and ad revenue optimization.
    • PubScale app monetization supports banner, native, interstitial, rewarded video, rewarded interstitial, app open, instream and outstream video, and instream audio ads.
    • A single easy-to-use unified dashboard.

    Find your perfect monetization solution right here.

  2. Google AdMob

    With millions of app developers utilizing it, Google AdMob is the most well-known mobile app monetization platform. To access AdMob, you must provide advertising space in your apps.

    When advertisers vie for your ad space, AdMob picks the most lucrative advertisement for the users based on their interests. In addition to providing in-app advertising, this platform is one of the most popular monetization platforms for app developers.


    • It presents valuable and relevant advertising to your customers.
    • Also, you can engage with multiple ad networks simultaneously by using Google AdMob's mediation services.
    • It utilizes cutting-edge and non-intrusive ad formats such as native, banner, rewarded, and interstitial.
    • Allows customization of the ad exposure length and the number of impressions.
  3. InMobi

    InMobi is one of the complete publisher monetization sources in the world that can help you reach global high-quality and diverse demand. The platform proffers a broad range of mobile ad types, such as native ads, rich media ads, and unique and innovative carousel ads.

    InMobi has real-time ad statistics and sophisticated audience filtering capabilities (e.g., by OS, device, and ad format). Besides, the platform provides you access to a continually updated SDK, making it even simple to integrate it into your programs.


    • Advanced audience filtration (e.g., OS, device, GEO, channel).
    • Assistance for preloading ads.
    • High-impact formats(banner, interstitial, rewarded video, playable, native) that provide excellent ad experiences.
    • Connect your app to the InMobi lightweight SDK and discover the power of superior monetization.
  4. ironSource

    ironSource carries a large and diverse audience from throughout the globe, providing a range of ad formats, various mobile operators, and even multi-app monetization.

    ironSource is one of the largest app monetization platforms in the world, with more than a billion impressions daily. It strives to assist you in turning your apps into scalable and sustainable businesses by letting you concentrate on creating better apps and user experiences.


    • Efficient ad mediation and high-impact ad types increase ARPDAU and user value of the app.
    • Boost each impression's value via in-app bidding.
    • With three powerful A/B testing tools, you can test anything from user segments to ad units, helping you to optimize your monetization strategy.
    • You can customize the ad flow for various user segments.
    • Get premium demand from the top games and brands to monetize your mobile app across every ad unit.
    • It offers analytics abilities to monitor your app's performance from all sides. These analytics reporting tools can support monetization for apps very effectively.
  5. AppLovin

    Operating AppLovin's Max, you can increase revenue, cut costs, and save time. More than 1.5 billion people use this app monetization platform which supports a wide range of ad formats. Only the most individualized ad experiences get created with its advanced user targeting and behavior prediction algorithms.

    Furthermore, you don't have to be a specialist in ad operations to use AppLovin because it supplies automated suggestions for improving your advertising effectiveness. Yet access to a programmatic ad exchange and hybrid monetization is perhaps the best benefit of using this platform to monetize apps.


    • Allows mediation and bidding to maintain the maximum revenue per impression.
    • It offers a variety of ad types and formats, including skippable advertisements, rewarded videos, and more.
    • Better ad revenue.
    • Unified auction- Select the mediation platform for the most bids, networks, premium AppLovin demand, and unique options for anyone you work with.
    • Using AppLovin's growth engine, AppDiscovery, MAX makes it simple to reinvest revenues and gain insights into user acquisition, enabling self-perpetuating growth.
    • Quick A/B testing set up to find opportunities to increase ad revenue.
    • It presents multiple options for hybrid monetization.
    • Reporting tools.

    Diversify mediation beyond IronSource and Applovin.

  6. Chartboost

    Chartboost supports both advertisers and marketers. Also, it is among the few partners that allow ad monetization in the Amazon Appstore. With this app monetization platform, you may demarcate your future returns on Apple, Google Play, and Amazon.

    With Chartboost, you can optimize ad revenue in every way. With the help of this in-app monetization technology, developers and publishers can capitalize on market-beating demand, which raises CPMs and fill rates.


    • Insightful analytics with transparent reporting.
    • With a single SDK, you can access top-demand sources, the most valuable, engaged, and low-churn users.
    • Waterfall Management - Use real-time optimizations to fully control the priority and management of your ad network and demand sources, ensuring ideal advertisement for every user fills each ad slot.
    • Innovative ad formats: rewarded, interstitials, & banners, etc.
    List of Best App Monetization Platforms for PublishersList of Best App Monetization Platforms for Publishers
  7. PubMatic

    PubMatic will assist you in utilizing the necessary tools to increase the monetization potential of your apps. By holding a commitment to transparency and excellence, its automated selling and ad analyzing offer you independence and access to niche markets.


    • To guarantee control over your income prospects and user experience across the channels and formats that matter: CTV, online video, mobile apps, web, and beyond, the PubMatic SSP combines technical innovation, distinctive demand, and comprehensive analytics.
    • With utmost security and regard for user privacy, Connect offers you future-proof revenue opportunities.
    • OpenWrap- With the help of its unified bidding solution, publishers can get bespoke management tools and performance optimization data to seize new revenue opportunities across all channels, formats, devices, and screens.
    • With Identity Hub, you can centralize, execute, test, and optimize different identity methods for performance and scaling.
    • Customizable solutions for monetization.
  8. Smaato

    Smaato allows you to optimize your monetization strategy, customize audience experiences, and boost ad revenue. With Smaato's Digital Ad Tech Platform, you are in control. You have the resources required to deliver engaging ads to audiences globally through its ad server and monetization solution.

    It is the only omnichannel ad server and monetization solution with simple controls for app monetization. Publishers may supply their information and control their inventory from one place.


    • RTB ad exchange and programmatic support.
    • Built-in free, powerful ad server.
    • Omnichannel approach.
    • Options for integrating a rich ad network.
    • Customizable interface.
  9. SmartyAds

    SmartyAds is an omnichannel ad tech platform that serves ads globally. It is an app monetization platform that automates inventory acquisition, ROI creation, and real-time campaign management across all devices and platforms.

    Web publishers and app developers aspiring for a direct upsurge in ad revenue can access several possibilities through SmartyAds supply-side platform (SSP). Its agile SSP gives users access to essential programmatic tools for efficient inventory management and monetization.


    • Integrated yield optimization programmatic platform.
    • Drive revenue with header bidding.
    • There are retargeting campaigns to convert visitors into customers across various screens.
    • Support for video and mobile inventory.
    • Holistic ad serving by SmartyAds proffers unrestricted access to a network of the highest-demand sources with advantageous terms for securing preferred deals.
    • Use programmatic and conventional direct sales to their full potential while dealing on private marketplaces.

    You can read more about Programmatic Advertising.

  10. Unity Ads

    If you want to monetize mobile games, Unity Ads is one of the best platforms. This tool shows how to make money from your apps and offers real-time analytics on the effectiveness of your advertising campaigns.

    Along with providing options to monetize your apps, it enables quick reports on how your advertising campaigns are performing.


    • A simple, easy-to-use dashboard that delivers quick details for ad analytics.
    • You may manage your target market based on demographics, location, operating system, etc.
  11. Meta Audience Network

    You can make money from your iOS or Android app with the help of this app monetization platform. You will require a Facebook account and an app from the Google Play Store or the App Store to earn revenue.

    More than 37,000 active app developers and publishers have access to Meta Audience Network, which helps them to build their businesses while providing an excellent user experience.

    Set up advertising quickly and easily with the help of Meta Audience Network, which supports the do-it-yourself monetization strategy and operates internationally.


    • With Monetization Manager, you can manage your properties, understand performance, and maximize revenue in one place.
    • Understand ad investment with IAA ROAS measurement. ( IAA stands for in-app advertising, and ROAS refers to the return on ad spend).
    • Use app bidding to acquire effective monetization and substantial revenue.
    • See quality ads for an adequate user experience.
    • Choose the appropriate ad format (banner, native, interstitial, or rewarded video).
  12. Publift

    The Publift product suite Fuse keeps you one step ahead of the competition by consistently presenting you with better options to monetize your websites.

    This app monetization platform is tailored based on users, channels, growth, and plans. Publishers can get a highly personalized solution from Publift's cutting-edge ad technology.

    With just one line of code, it combines state-of-the-art capacities to balance ad revenue, optimize page performance, and improve user experience.


    • Get suitable bidders for the right users at the right location and time with fuse intelligent auctions.
    • Ad block monetization.
    • Revenue-focused solutions.
    • Ad refresh lets you acquire more impressions with the same ad density.

You need to strike a balance between the need to make money from their apps and keeping users interested, which makes it critical to carefully choose suitable mobile app monetization platforms because they will ultimately determine the success of your app.

And before you go, don't forget to share this article and inform everyone in the industry about these fantastic app monetization platforms.

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