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26 February, 2024

10 Best in-game advertising companies in 2024

10 Best in-game advertising companies in 2024

Discover the top 10 in-game advertising companies influencing interactive entertainment's future through this blog post. This meticulously curated list will provide you with all-encompassing, goal-oriented marketing solutions specifically designed for the gaming sector.

The in-game advertising market has grown significantly in the last several years. New IAB measurement guidelines, the rise of social and mobile gaming, and developments in in-game technology have opened up a plethora of new advertising opportunities.

Now that mobile publishers are aware that mobile game apps are growing in importance as a venue for selling ad inventory, they are looking for the best in-game advertising companies.

10 Best In-Game Advertising Companies in 2024

Let’s get started -

  1. PubScale

    Headquarters: Bangalore, India

    PubScale is a one-stop solution for your game growth and monetization needs, providing a full range of services for game monetization, user acquisition, and revenue optimization. This in-game advertising company is among the best for in-game advertising because of its Immersive Ads.

    The most notable aspect of PubScale is the incorporation of native advertising features, which enable you to design your ad campaigns and select the preferred ad formats on a self-serve basis.

    PubScale Native examplePubScale Native example


    • Simple, drag-and-drop integration of the Immersive Ads SDK
    • Improved user experience through an engaging ad experience without intrusive ads.
    • Policy-compliant adaptive immersive ad experience with increased user engagement
    • Serves Google demand, third-party AdX networks, and direct advertisers.
    • Smart ad caching Faster ad load time Better experience
    • Incremental ad revenue by up to 40%.
    • In-depth Analytics
  2. Gadsme

    Headquarters: Paris, France

    Gadsme is one of the in-game advertising companies designed for the gaming and e‑sports industries. The platform makes it possible for publishers and advertisers to make money from games and other ad experiences that draw users in and guarantee brand lift.


    • Provides both developers and advertisers total control and includes special features, real-time analytics, and IAS & IAB-certified ad formats.
    • Presents clickable in-game, non-intrusive display, video, and audio Ads.
    • Allows direct surveys for branding initiatives or the use of third-party attribution partners for ad tracking.
    • Easy SDK integration
    • Complete authority over pricing floor and waterfall ad strategies.
    • In-depth Analytics
  3. Anzu

    Headquarters: Tel Aviv, Israel is an in-game advertising company that blends non-intrusive ads with the game action. This in-game advertising company improves users' viewability with real-time data and programmatic technology.


    • Allows game developers to monetize their products and advertisers to reach gamers on mobile, PC, console, and gaming metaverses.
    • Enhances the game experience with unique ad formats
    • Real-world campaigns that improve the gaming environment
    • Direct integration with programmatic ad networks
    • Native InBrand safety and anti-fraud protection.
  4. Adverty

    Headquarters: Stockholm, Sweden

    Next on our list of top in-game advertising companies is Adverty, which uses its multi-patented technology for VR/AR and mobile games to create connections between businesses and gamers through In-Play ads. The platform lets content creators monetize the entire experience with immersive, unobtrusive, and easy-to-integrate ads, and it provides programmatic video and display ad inventory at scale.


    • Enables advertising to subtly enhance the creative design and monetize whole game sessions.
    • Use contextual relevance and precision to target your audience and geo.
    • Non-interfering user experience
    • Programmatic and direct selling
    • All of the ads comply with OpenRTB and IAB standards.
  5. iion

    Headquarters: Sydney, Australia

    iion makes it simple and efficient for brand advertisers to advertise across all gaming settings by resolving fragmentation in the gaming industry. With a focus on user experience, growth, monetization, and game advertising, iion provides publishers and advertisers with ROI and engagement.


    • Unified game advertising platform
    • Enhanced game and ad engagement
    • Seamless ad integration into gameplay without breaking the session
    • Customized targeting solutions
  6. Chartboost

    Headquarters: San Francisco, USA

    By connecting advertisers with highly engaged audiences, Chartboost, an in-game advertising company, assists game app creators in monetizing their games. It gives the customer control over their ad space and lets you monetize your mobile gaming app directly through ad campaign management.


    • Integrated independent mobile ad SDK
    • High eCPM
    • Works with most iOS and Android app developers.
    • Variety of ad formats.
  7. Unity Ads

    Headquarters: Regions: San Francisco, USA

    One of the top in-game advertising companies for ad monetization is Unity Ads. Native ads for Unity-based games, allow mobile game creators to monetize their whole user base. The platform provides banner ads, video ads, and interstitial ads, among other ad formats.

    Additionally, Unity ads offer powerful targeting features, enabling developers to display their game advertising to a relevant user base.


    • Real-time reporting with a web dashboard and an API.
    • High global fill rate
    • High-quality ad inventory
    • Enables game creators to grow their player base's lifetime value (LTV).
    • Provides thorough demographic information for targeted ads
  8. Bidstack

    Headquarters: London, Great Britain

    Bidstack is yet another one of the best in-game advertising companies where Advertisers can use in-game advertising to reach a wide range of users. Bidstack provides game creators and advertisers a way to make money off of their works without interfering with the gaming experience.


    • Available in-play inventory for console, VR, mobile, and PC games.
    • Bespoke SSP platform with direct deals and programmatic features (compatible with OpenRTB).
    • Allows for better ad targeting by providing advertisers with anonymized first-party user data.
    • Allows dynamic & static in-game advertising in racing, stadium, and open-world settings, in addition to in-play and in-menu ads.
  9. Frameplay

    Headquarters: San Francisco, US

    Frameplay provides developers and advertisers with a transparent, self-serve, gamer-first experience that fosters innovation and delivers advanced data and analytics.

    This is another of the top in-game advertising companies that are an intrinsic advertising platform for video games. With a focus on producing immersive gaming ads, Frameplay provides a gamers-first ad-buying platform.


    • Easy SDK integration
    • Complete creative control of the intrinsic ad placements to guarantee that they complement your goals.
    • Attribution analytics in real-time.
    • Custom objects, video in-game ads, and picture banners are supported ad formats.
    • Campaign analytics for programmatically traded ads in real-time.
  10. AdInMo

    Headquarters: Edinburgh, Scotland

    The in-game advertising company AdInMo provides developers and publishers with high-quality revenue streams and advertisers with engaged users. Adinmo provides click-free immersive brand ads within games without interfering with the gameplay.


    • Utilizing Deal ID and OpenRTB, the SSP platform facilitates programmatic and direct ad buying and includes well-known DSPs.
    • Allows for targeting depending on game genre, age, and location.
    • High scalability
    • IAB Standards provide guaranteed measurable outcomes.

To Conclude

There's no excuse not to try out in-game advertising, given the abundance of varied game genres that are accessible and the numerous revenue prospects that exist. Using one of the in-game advertising companies listed above will allow you to reach a highly engaged, profitable, and rapidly growing audience.

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