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26 February, 2024

11 Best Pay Per Install Networks for 2024

11 Best Pay Per Install Networks for 2024
  • Getting an account with a pay per install network is a terrific way for app developers to make money from their games or apps by offering mobile marketers and advertisers space to place ads.
  • Although ad networks come in many diverse constitutions, you must prioritize the pay per install programs or ad networks that focus specifically on your niche.

When creating a mobile app, one of the most significant stages is marketing your app. It won't matter if your app is the most excellent or the next big thing; all your hard work will be in vain if you can't get it in front of the people who matter.

Pay Per Install networks let you design ad campaigns that specifically draw your target market and encourage them to download your app. This helps you expand your user base and boost Monthly Active Users (MAU), which moves your app up the store charts, making it easier for users to find and use.

These days, Pay Per Install programs are one of the models that mobile app advertisers use the most. On the other hand, Pay Per Install networks can ensure that you connect with your target market and high-quality users, giving you the ability to track the true return on investment (ROI) of your app marketing expenditures.

Below is a list of the best 11 Pay Per Install networks for advertisers and publishers. Before we begin with the list, here is a brief about the Pay Per Install and how you may utilize it to boost your earnings.

What is Pay Per Install (PPI)

App advertisers do not pay for impressions, clicks, or other forms of engagement when using the Pay Per Install (PPI) pricing model; instead, they only pay for installs that publishers generate for them.

The standard payment made by advertisers for each install is a set amount that, based on the app and the pay per install network, can vary from a few cents to several dollars.

Every advertiser prefers PPI campaigns. As a result of an app install campaign, the Pay Per Install model establishes the fixed price that the advertiser must pay the publisher each time a user installs and opens the app.

Numerous developers have benefited from this process in terms of user acquisition and growth. Pay Per Install campaigns are significant for promoting mobile apps. Publishers receive a set payment for each app install that results from seeing an ad.

Programmatic and affiliate networks are the two primary traffic sources in this regard. The campaign methodology and payout (affiliate and programmatic) require creatives and a set budget to launch the PPI campaigns after deciding on the objectives and target markets.

What is Pay Per Install Network

Pay Per Install networks allow you to create user acquisition campaigns that specifically target your target audience and encourage them to install your app. Thus PPI networks can help you expand your user base and MAU. This will help your app rank higher in the store and gain you more exposure as well as new opportunities.

An app, website, influencer, or any other kind of traffic source that receives payment for app promotion can all play a crucial role as publishers in app install campaigns. The Pay Per Install networks strategy is incredibly profitable for publishers since advertisers typically pay exceptionally competitive rates for legitimate installs.

The Significance of PPI Networks

PPI networks provide several advantages for advertisers and publishers alike.

Benefits for Advertisers:

The Pay Per Install advertising can assist you in promoting your app on a predefined budget if you are a startup owner looking to launch your app into the market.

Advertisers can develop unique apps and ad campaigns to draw high-quality traffic. It provides the chance to design high-caliber content that pulls viewers. Also, it can help people decide whether to download the apps or buy that particular product.

PPI networks, therefore, assist you in increasing the number of monthly active users and, consequently, your revenue. Additionally, because Pay Per Install Networks promotes your software to the next level with each download, they help you rank higher in the app store.

Benefits for Publishers:

Anyone may be a publisher here, whether a blogger or has a sizable following on social media sites like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, or any other platform.

You have the chance to get paid depending on impressions using PPI networks. Therefore, publishers can profit every day based on the installs. This implies that your revenue will increase in proportion to the number of installs.

Let's now begin with our list of best PPI networks for 2024.

11 Best Pay Per Install Networks for 2024

  1. PubScale

    Features: PubScale is a self-serve user acquisition platform for acquiring users that helps you grow your app install campaigns. With its DSP advertising feature advertisers can launch profitable ROI-based PPI campaigns.

    Benefits: PubScale focuses more on affordable Pay Per Install bidding to lower the overall cost of user acquisition. In addition, it provides a wallet system, advertiser analytics, an integrated tracking system, and a range of pricing alternatives.

  2. AdWorkMedia

    Features: AdWorkMedia offers a diverse range of marketing solutions, including PPI. Their platform provides a user-friendly interface and reliable tracking for advertisers and publishers.

    Benefits: Known for high payouts and a variety of offers, AdWorkMedia is popular among affiliates in different niches. They also provide timely payments.

  3. InstallCapital

    Features: InstallCapital specializes in Pay Per Install and mobile app installs. The platform offers competitive rates and customizable solutions to meet the specific needs of advertisers and publishers.

    Benefits: Advertisers can benefit from targeted installs, while publishers can enjoy higher payouts. InstallCapital is known for its transparent reporting and reliable support.

  4. PerInstallCash

    Features: PerInstallCash provides PPI and other performance-based advertising options. They are recognized for their straightforward approach, offering a reliable platform for both advertisers and publishers.

    Benefits: Timely payments and good customer support are highlights of PerInstallCash. This Pay Per Install network's user-friendly interface makes it easy for users to navigate and optimize their campaigns.

  5. CPAGrip

    Features: CPAGrip offers various mobile app advertising options, including PPI and CPA. The platform provides a wide range of offers catering to different niches, making it suitable for a diverse set of affiliates.

    Benefits: CPAGrip is known for its extensive selection of offers and competitive payouts. The platform's user interface is designed to be intuitive, and it offers robust tracking and reporting tools.

  6. OGAds

    Features: OGAds focuses on mobile and app-related offers, making it a go-to choice for affiliates in the mobile app space. This Pay Per Install network is known for its innovative solutions and high payouts.

    Benefits: OGAds provides a wide array of mobile-centric offers, allowing affiliates to monetize mobile traffic effectively. They are recognized for their responsive support and timely payments.

  7. Kinguin Affiliate Program

    Features: The Kinguin Affiliate Program is particularly suitable for those interested in gaming-related PPI. The platform offers a variety of gaming products, making it an attractive option for affiliates in the gaming niche.

    Benefits: Affiliates promoting gaming-related content can find a range of relevant offers on Kinguin. The program is known for its competitive payouts and dedicated support for gaming affiliates.

  8. CPALead

    Features: CPALead provides various marketing tools, including Pay Per Install. The platform is designed with a user-friendly interface and offers a range of options for advertisers and publishers.

    Benefits: CPALead is recognized for its flexibility, allowing users to choose from various marketing methods. They also provide reliable tracking and reporting tools.

  9. MaxBounty

    Features: MaxBounty is a well-established CPA network that includes PPI offers. The platform covers a wide range of products and services, making it suitable for affiliates in various niches.

    Benefits: With a reputation for reliability and high-quality offers, MaxBounty is a popular choice among affiliates. They offer timely payments and detailed reporting for campaign optimization.

  10. InstallMonetizer

    Features: InstallMonetizer specializes in Pay Per Install and software distribution. The platform provides high-quality offers and detailed analytics for advertisers and publishers.

    Benefits: Known for its transparent reporting and reliable payouts, InstallMonetizer is a trusted platform in the PPI space. The network is suitable for those focusing on software-related installs.

  11. Adscend Media

    Features: Adscend Media offers a range of advertising solutions, including Pay Per Install. The platform is known for its innovative ad formats and reliable tracking for affiliates.

    Benefits: Adscend Media provides a variety of high-quality offers, and its platform is user-friendly. Affiliates appreciate the innovative ad formats and the network's commitment to timely payments.


The top 11 Pay Per Install Networks are listed here in hopes of making it easier to pick the best PPI program that is appropriate for your app. With the array of diverse services that they offer, it is impossible to determine which Pay Per Install network is the most satisfactory. It will be up to publishers and advertisers to decide what is best for their business.

Before deciding on a specific PPI network, it's crucial to research the current status, reviews, and terms of each network. Additionally, consider the types of offers they provide and whether they align with your app’s audience and content. Always prioritize networks with a good reputation for timely payments, transparent reporting, and excellent customer support.

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