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Ad Exchanges

What is an ad exchange?

An ad exchange serves as a middleman between the supply and demand sides of the ad selling process, giving publishers a venue to make their ad inventory available to potential advertisers.

Publisher benefits

  • The liberty to control various mechanisms like setting floor prices, blocking specific demand based on their preferences (for instance, competitor and sensitive ads), and targeting
  • Setting minimum CPMs at which they want to sell their inventory to ensure a fair price
  • Choosing ad formats and styles that their inventory displays on web pages or apps
  • Customizing colors, corner styles, and fonts for multiple ad placements

Advertiser benefits

  • Setting budget and targeting options, choosing bidding capabilities, behavioral profiling, and price settings
  • Blacklisting specific publishers and audiences according to preference
  • Placing limits on the number of times an ad appears to the same user
  • Transparent bidding that lets advertisers see competitor bids

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