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What is ads.txt?

Ads.txt stands for Authorized Digital Sellers. Interactive Advertising Bureau or IAB first introduced ads.txt, a file that web publishers add to their website to list the authorized sellers of their digital inventory. Every authorized seller or reseller is assigned a unique seller ID by which they are identified.

What is the aim of ads.txt?

Ads.txt aims to:

  • Prevent forged inventory from being sold to advertisers.
  • Improve transparency in the programmatic advertising ecosystem.
  • Build trust among advertisers that they are presented with an authentic inventory.

How does ads.txt work?

Website publishers must locate ads.txt in the root directory of their website. For example, Here is how the ads.txt can be implemented:

  • Publishers place ads.txt in the root directory of their website.
  • Publishers send a bid request to their advertiser network.
  • Advertisers scan the ads.txt file to check for authenticity with the help of the seller ID.
  • Advertisers bid on the inventory if they find the bid request is from a genuine publisher.

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