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App metrics

What are app metrics?

Mobile app metrics or app analytics refer to the important metrics needed to analyze an app’s performance.

What are the important app metrics?

Below are the essential metrics you need to track to gauge the performance of your app.

  • Downloads: Number of downloads of your app in a given period.

  • Download attribution: Various channels your app users are coming from.

  • Active users: Number of users actively using your app in a given period, usually gauged daily (DAU) and monthly (MAU).

  • Average frequency and session length and frequency: Average number of times users launch your app and the duration they are active on the app after launching it.

  • CAC-to-conversion: Cost of acquiring a paying user (CAC = Customer Acquisition Cost).

  • Uninstalls: Number of uninstalls that occur during a given period.

  • Click-through rate: Percentage of users who click on push notifications, links, etc., sent to them.

  • Opt-in rate: Percentage of users who opt-in to receive notifications from the app.

  • Activation rate: Number of times the app was launched against the number of downloads.

    Number of app launches / Number of downloads

  • Retention rate: Percentage of users who continue to use your app in a given period.

    Number of daily or monthly active users / Number of app installs

  • Churn rate: Indicates the percentage of users lost during a given period.

    Users at the start - Users at the end / Users at the start

  • Conversion rate: Number of conversions against the number of visitors or users in a given period. Conversion can be any task, such as app installation, in-app purchase, etc.

    Number of conversions / Number of users who could have performed the conversion

  • Cost per conversion: Amount spent on each conversion.

    Total cost of user acquisition / Total number of conversions

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