40% revenue uplift along with boost in eCPM and fill rate



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“We’re glad to choose PubScale as our reliable AdX Partner and monetization solution. With the implementation of their robust monetization solution, PubScale AdX, we could tackle the challenges of low fill rate, eCPM, and inadequate revenue.”

- Tanishk Singhal, Affility Team


Affility is a newly-established gaming platform facing challenges like low eCPM, improper ad format integration, and low revenue. After looking out for multiple Google AdX partners, the Affility team partnered with PubScale to overcome these challenges and achieve their game monetization and optimization goals. Also, Affility wanted the PubScale team to handle their account and project management-related tasks duly.


Programmatic advertising and AdOps experts highlighted the eCPM and revenue challenges that Affility was facing. For the solution, PubScale deployed AdX into Affility’s ecosystem and activated benefits such as premium demand partner reach, access to high-paying ad inventory, policy-compliant ad units, and higher eCPM. We implemented the backfilling method to fill unsold inventory in the Affility Store, improving the fill rate considerably. Further, our team manages everything around Affility, from account management to project handling, monetization, and optimization.

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