The eCPM for Ad unit placement increased by 2X

Car Info

Car Info

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Car Info

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Fill rate achieved across all ad units


Development turn around time decreased

Working with SDK has made things very easy for us. We’ve seen a steady increase in our revenue from the experiments that they’ve run. Also, the account managers take the time to properly explain what experiments are running and how that would affect the revenue. Going forward whichever App we create, the first step would be integrating SDK.

- Car Info


Car Info was looking for a partner who could help them optimize their inventory most efficiently as Car Info’s eCPMs were low, show rate being the least in the category and wanted to cut down on development time.


Car Info uses banners, interstitials ad formats in their app. With PubScale’s native templates in SDK, Car Info was easily able to integrate native ads with different sizes without designing templates for each ad. Cross format mediation on ad units helped with maximizing the eCPMs for native ads. Banner ad placement has the biggest exposure in the app but fill rates were low. Using cross format mediation between native and banner, PubScale increased the fills and hence the revenue for native and banner placements.

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