Achieved a 75% average fill rate for Tier-2 app traffic and daily revenue of up to $500

Boosted fill rate consoli ads

Consoli Ads

Company name

Company website

App monetization

Service used




$1 - $1.5

eCPM for Tier-1

$0.2 - $0.8

eCPM for Tier-2

$200 - $500

Daily revenue


Fill rate for Tier-1

75% average

Fill rate for Tier-2


Consoli Ads did well in terms of filling their Tier-1 in-app inventory. Their main difficulty was monetizing Tier-2 traffic. Consoli Ads found it challenging to get suitable ads that match the interests of the Tier-2 user traffic on their app from their existing demand sources.


We helped Consoli Ads connect with our network of demand partners on Google AdX to fill their Tier-2 inventory, and their apps achieved an average fill rate of 75%. We also optimized their ad revenue from Tier-1 traffic with a 94% fill rate. In addition, we offered passback functionality to support ad revenue optimization. Consoli Ads received an eCPM boost of $1-$1.5 for Tier-1 and $0.2-$0.8 for Tier-2 inventories. Our efforts helped them hit a daily revenue of $200 to $500.

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