Achieved 93% fill rate along with 3X Boost in Ad Revenue


Jagran NewMedia

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Company website

App monetization

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Revenue increase


Fill rate increased in India


Fill rate increase in USA


Increase in eCPM.

“It’s been nice working with PubScale. They opened more demand sources to increase our inventory yield. We are hopeful the business will keep the momentum in months and years to follow.”

- Pankaj Agarwal, Jagran NewMedia


Jagran had a negative ad revenue experience from their previous ad network partners. The publication encountered high discrepancies and low fill rates with millions of unsold web and app inventory. Jagran was not making anticipated yield, and their AdOps team faced challenges in preparing and managing multiple reports. To tackle these challenges, Jagran New media wanted a one-stop solution for monetization, optimization and revenue growth.


PubScale deployed app monetization platform, AdX into Jagran’s website and app ecosystem, offering them a higher yield and fill rate compared to their existing partners in India. The real-time dashboard integrated into Google AdX enabled transparent access to all reports with daily updates with regular uninterrupted payouts. Additionally, we offered them dedicated extended ad ops support to streamline the Jagran operation team and constantly monitor the campaign performance.

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