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About Bus Simulator Game

Maleo is the driving force behind the widely acclaimed 'Bus Simulator Indonesia' game, which immerses players in the real-life experience of being a bus driver on the vibrant Indonesian roadways. This game stands out with its impeccable attention to detail, high-quality graphics, and advanced features, such as saved data and multiplayer convoys, making it a beloved favorite among Indonesians, amassing an impressive 50 million-plus downloads.

The Challenge

Maleo, a prominent gaming app developer in Southeast Asia, faced a unique challenge. They sought to maximize their in-game revenue while preserving a positive user experience and retaining their player base. This required an innovative approach to in-game advertising that wouldn't disrupt gameplay or hinder user experience.

The Solution

To address this challenge, Maleo turned to our SDK, a solution that specializes in seamlessly integrating in-game Immersive Ads. These immersive ads seamlessly blend into the game environment, enhancing the user experience while effectively monetizing in-game inventory.

One of PubScale's standout features is its mediation capabilities between ad formats, allowing Maleo to optimize ad placements without interrupting gameplay. Additionally, the SDK offers a hassle-free one-step integration process, detailed information logs, and versatile ad templates.

The outcome of this partnership resulted in Maleo experiencing a staggering 30% month-on-month increase in additional revenue. Further, the integration of the SDK resulted in a 0% drop in user retention, demonstrating the successful balance between monetization and a pleasant gaming experience.

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