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26 February, 2024

The Best Appodeal Alternative in 2024 - PubScale

The Best Appodeal Alternative in 2024 - PubScale

PubScale is a comprehensive ad monetization platform for app publishers. It offers immersive ads, AdX integration, and Offerwall for efficient monetization and revenue optimization. PubScale guarantees higher fill rates, increased eCPM, and a unified dashboard for streamlined management as compared to Appodeal.

Finding the ideal ad network is crucial to maximizing ad revenue. But, there are occurrences when an increase in traffic does not always translate into an increase in ad revenue. This is because the publisher is unable to run the most profitable ads on their apps.

Since the competition is growing tougher every day, increasing traffic shouldn't be your primary objective as a publisher. Ensure that you make the most of each visitor. It could be time to look at different ad networks with more profitability if you're having trouble increasing your ad profit. You will more effectively monetize the visitors to your games and apps with a correct ad network, ensuring you aren't losing out on any money.

Comparing two well-known ad networks, PubScale and Appodeal, will help us determine which is more profitable for both advertisers and publishers.

Let's get started -

What is PubScale

PubScale is an advanced SaaS platform that lets publishers successfully monetize and expand their mobile app businesses with its sophisticated solutions. The platform houses technologies for ad monetization, ad mediation, user acquisition, and analytics under one roof.

A Google channel partner, PubScale is an all-in-one app growth platform. It enables you to increase your app's ad revenue along with the best user experiences. PubScale has established a place for itself because of the quality of its results. With their unique products, Immersive ads, Offerwall, AdX, and GROW you can swiftly take your app growth to the next level.

This state-of-the-art app growth platform primarily serves publishers looking for a one-stop solution to manage their app & game monetization and user acquisition requirements.

PubScale enables app monetization, game monetization, and user growth. It accomplishes this with its unified dashboard that streamlines methods and makes workflow easier. By combining the leading programmatic platforms on the demand and supply sides into one unified dashboard, PubScale dismisses the need for multiple logins on various tools.

PubScale's effective monetization can assist you in boosting revenue by up to 40%. You can improve your revenue stream, track your business growth, and maximize your profits with PubScale.

What are PubScale Products and Features

The four primary verticals of this ad network are as follows:

  1. Immersive Ads
  2. AdX
  3. GROW
  4. Offerwall

PubScale Features

Here are some of its remarkable features:

  • Effective real-time bidding strategies: By allocating ad impressions to the appropriate demand partners in real-time, PubScale assures high fill rates while raising eCPM. Additionally, you can choose your target market based on their state, nation, and operating system.
  • Ad Mediation: PubScale works with premium demand partners to deliver high-quality ads to its publishers.
  • Ready-to-integrate ad units: PubScale offers effortless optimization through its ready-to-integrate ad units. One-click ready-made templates are simple to add to your app and can be set live in a few seconds. You can update ad units on the go and start optimizing.
  • Policy-compliant ad templates: PubScale ad templates are highly adaptive and Google policy-compliant. Additionally, your properties won't be impacted by Google Publisher policies because our QA experts will assist you in identifying and eliminating any actual or suspected policy breaches from your properties before they display.
  • Offerwall: You can turn non-paying users into paying users with the help of the PubScale Offerwall ad network. Its exclusive Offerwall ad formats improve the in-game economy and boost ad revenue from high engagement.
  • Granular insights and analytics: Utilize PubScale's real-time analytics dashboard to acquire thorough insights into campaign performance, including clicks, conversions, spends, cost per conversion, and conversion rate. You can utilize this data to raise the effectiveness of your ads. The dashboard also helps with conversion tracking, which allows for exact tracking of user data and conversions.
  • Monetization for every game: With PubScale's in-game monetization, maximize your earnings from each ad impression. Furthermore, you can generate revenue from your Unity, Android, and HTML 5 games with its all-inclusive in-game monetization solution and techniques.
  • Assistance with a variety of performance marketing campaign models: PubScale allows you to tailor your performance marketing campaigns in line with your intended Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). While selecting various campaign types, you can choose from a variety of pricing models as well.
  • User acquisition at low cost: PubScale will help you create result-oriented campaigns. PubScale GROW focuses more on CPI and CPR bidding to lower the overall cost of carrying out user acquisition strategies.

PubScale Dashboard

The PubScale dashboard gives you access through signup on its website page. You can make an account there by logging in with your email or Google account.

PubScale DashboardPubScale Dashboard

PubScale Advantage

This full-service app monetization platform gives app publishers and developers total control on their inventory.

PubScale provides an average fill rate of over 95% and an increase in eCPM of 20–40%. It is the perfect substitute for AdMob for implementing top-demand monetization plans and data analysis. Further, it allows publishers to establish associations with top-demand partners to raise fill rates and eCPMs.

Through one centralized, user-friendly interface, PubScale provides various programmatic solutions, including monetization, immersive ads, ad mediation, user acquisition, and performance analytics.

Let's talk about the benefits and features of the Appodeal ad network now:

What is Appodeal

Appodeal is a growth platform that allows developers to launch and scale their mobile app businesses. In addition to the Accelerator-funding program, Appodeal offers Monetization, Growth Intelligence, Bid, and creative Management services.

Appodeal provides access to ad-demand sources that engage in a live auction with just one SDK integration. Additionally, it offers useful resources and features like In-app Bidding, Automatic UA Optimization, User Segmentation & A/B Testing, Cross-Promotion and Direct Deals, Instant Payouts, and much more.

What are Appodeal Products and Features

The five primary products of this ad network are as follows:

  1. Mobile Monetization
  2. Growth Intelligence
  3. UA Automation
  4. GDPR Compliance

Appodeal Features

  • Autopilot Ad Mediation: Appodeal allows you to monetize your app with its ad demand sources that engage in a live auction with just one SDK integration. With its simple integration and comprehensive monetization tools, its lightweight SDK maximizes your earnings by giving you access to a wide range of ad demand sources.
  • In-app Bidding Revenue Optimization: Appodeal's in-app bidding revenue optimization algorithm and waterfall approach allow you to earn ad revenue. With unified auctions, impressive fill rates, programmatic ads, and deliveries done on the server side, your apps and ads can run seamlessly and efficiently.
  • Automatic UA Optimization: With automatic UA optimization, you can link your monetization data with UA channels to increase high-earning users from your UA efforts. Additionally, you can acquire more users and high ad revenue by using their ad LTV user data.
  • Growth Intelligence: Appodeal combines the user acquisition, attribution, and monetization statistics of your app in a single dashboard. You can view LTV results for your UA campaigns, waterfall setups, and new user source apps, among other filterable parameters.
  • User Segments and Ad Placements: With user segments and ad placements, you can test out different ad setups using its ready-to-use A/B test presets to determine the best setup for your apps, supported by statistics.
  • Ad Server: Using Appodeal, you can directly partner with advertisers to launch direct campaigns that can boost your earnings potential. Among its notable attributes are a Smart cross-promo algorithm, frequency control, and campaign management.
  • Demand Control Center: Using Appodeal's direct ad network connection, you may use your network accounts and link them to the Demand Control Center for even more direct control over your ad network.
  • Privacy and Fraud Protection: Appodeal is updated on the most recent fraud protection laws and privacy standards, including CCPA, COPPA, GDPR, and IAB compliance. With its integrated consent window and local regulatory detector triggers, you can readily acquire the users' permission.

Appodeal Dashboard

Appodeal DashboardAppodeal Dashboard

Appodeal Advantages

The mediation platform claims that it can conduct waterfall programmatic auctions and "hybrid" header bidding, yielding the highest possible greatest CPMs.

Ad placements, user segments, automatic UA optimization, in-app bidding optimization, and more are just a few of the essential elements that Appodeal offers. A robust ad server connection, fraud, and privacy protection, and more are other stand-out features provided by this tool.

What Makes PubScale Better

The platform primarily serves as an ad network, connecting a sizable number of publishers to the advertisers so that they can reach a larger audience and increase their revenue.

PubScale frees publishers to fully concentrate on producing excellent content by streamlining the technical and operational facets of app monetization and user acquisition.

In contrast to other platforms, PubScale stands out by integrating all of these capabilities into a single platform. Other platforms provide separate solutions for ad monetization, ad mediation, revenue optimization, user acquisition, and analytics.

This makes ad monetization easier for publishers, offering them a huge advantage over having to rely on several tools to meet their various business needs.


The requirements and objectives you have as a publisher will determine which ad network is appropriate for you. When selecting an ad network in 2024, it's critical to consider factors like eCPM, user-friendliness, customer support, and traffic demands.

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