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3 November, 2023

10 Best Native Ad Platforms To Unlock Success in 2024

10 Best Native Ad Platforms To Unlock Success in 2024

In the dynamic adtech space, native advertising has taken center stage as an effective strategy to connect brands with their target audiences. The best native ads platform can do wonders for app businesses.

According to Statista, from 2016 to 2020, native digital display advertising spending in the United States steadily increased from $16.68 billion to $52.75. However, it is important to choose the best native ads platform to leverage the potential of native ads. In this article, we will take an in-depth look at the top native ads platforms that are poised to dominate the programmatic space in 2023.

What are Native Ads

Native ads are a format that is designed to seamlessly match the content of the platform they are served on. These ads are specifically designed to blend with the visual design and function of the domain's interface.

They are non-intrusive and help you connect with users as they help serve contextual ads that blend with the app's surroundings. By offering a positive user experience, native ads can yield high Click-Through Rates (CTRs) and increase conversions.

What are Native Ad Platforms

Native ad platforms act as a mediator between advertisers and publishers and are digital ad solutions that help you create and distribute ads that blend seamlessly with the design of a platform. The best native ads platform provides an easy way for publishers to connect with high-quality advertisers, gain access to top-notch ads, and thus, help a publisher find the perfect ad for their platform.

Top 10 Native Ads Platforms

It is important to find the right native advertising platform that can help you serve non-intrusive, and visually pleasing ads. This will help captivate users, and ultimately increase conversion rates. The top native ads platforms are as follows.

  1. PubScale

    PubScale is a one-stop platform that can meet all your app monetization, user acquisition, and revenue optimization needs. This platform offers several ad formats you can choose from, making it one of the best native ads platform.

    PubScale's standout feature is its integration of native advertising capabilities, where you can create your own ad campaigns, and choose the ad format you prefer on a self-serve basis. PubScale enables businesses to create native ads that seamlessly blend with the user experience within apps. You can also leverage PubScale's targeting options to reach specific users with relevant ads, ensuring higher conversions.

    Additionally, PubScale can also offer performance tracking and allow you to monitor the effectiveness of your campaign. In doing so, you can optimize your campaigns for better results.

    Monetize your game effortlessly with native ads.

  2. SmartyAds

    SmartyAds is a comprehensive, user-centric native ads platform that offers a robust suite of features for those on the lookout for the best native ads platform. SmartyAds has simplified managing ad campaigns through a single dashboard. This centralized approach can help you oversee the campaign and also allows for efficient media budget optimization.

    Furthermore, SmartyAds offers an easily navigable dashboard, where creating campaigns is streamlined. This ensures that advertisers can get their campaigns up and running swiftly, reducing the time required for setup and configuration.

  3. Outbrain

    In the realm of the best native ads platforms, Outbrain is popular for its unparalleled capabilities in creating native ads across a diverse range of channels.

    Outbrain's native ad experiences consistently outperform traditional banner ads, as consumers show a preference for native content. These ads not only drive higher engagement but also result in increased time spent on the site after clicking, which is a testament to their effectiveness.

    Outbrain's native ads platform guides advertisers through every stage of their journey. From building brand awareness to influencing consumers or expanding the audience and improving web monetization, Outbrain is a versatile native ad platform.

  4. Yahoo Gemini

    Yahoo Gemini has several unique features, making it one of the best native ads platforms for advertisers. Yahoo Gemini has top-notch native ad offerings, and can seamlessly import data from various sources, including Google Ads and Excel. This streamlines the advertising process and makes it effortless for advertisers.

    Further, Yahoo Gemini attracts high-quality traffic, including users from top-tier markets, the platform provides advertisers with an ideal environment to reach and engage their target audience. This quality traffic translates into better click-through rates and conversion rates, ultimately driving more significant ROI.

  5. Nativo

    Nativo's commitment to delivering high-quality native advertising solutions has positioned it as one of the sought-after native ads platforms. Nativo caters to the diverse needs of advertisers by offering a comprehensive set of ad formats such as, including native articles, native display, native video, and engaging stories.

    Additionally, Nativo has no minimum traffic restrictions, ensuring that every player can leverage their platform. Further, Nativo's AdStore empowers publishers with the ability to choose and activate various monetization partners simultaneously, adding it to the list of best native ads platform.

  6. TripleLift

    TripleLift is a top native advertising platform, offering premium, high-performing in-stream native ads. Its forte lies in in-feed native advertising that seamlessly aligns advertisers' messaging with a publisher's existing structure and editorial content. This helps enhance user experience and helps connect to the target audience organically.

    TripleLift's native ads platform goes beyond the typical ad placement. By aligning the design, tone, and layout of native ads with the site's existing content, TripleLift avoids the interrupting nature of traditional advertisements.

  7. Taboola

    Taboola is a leading native advertising platform that has enabled app businesses to connect with new audiences through its network. Its ads are designed to be highly visible and relevant to users.

    One of Taboola's standout features is to seamlessly blend native ads into the digital domain, making it a valuable addition to the list of best native ads platforms. It also offers a highly customizable platform where native ads can be tailored to match the look and feel of their own apps.

    Additionally, Taboola offers add-on creative services to create and optimize designs. It also yields in-depth reports on ad performance and helps you with actionable insights to refine ad campaigns.

  8. Revcontent

    Revcontent has multiple features and benefits that set it apart from other native ads platforms. In the realm of best native ads platform, Revcontent stands out as it has a self-service feature that can enable you to create customized native ad campaigns to align precisely with their business objectives and audience targeting needs.

    Further, Revcontent supports both Cost Per Click (CPC) and Viewable Cost Per Mille (vCPM) pricing models, giving you the flexibility to choose the best option for your campaigns.

    Revcontent also has precise targeting capabilities and can enable you to fine-tune your campaigns based on parameters such as geography, device, operating system, topic, brand, network, and re-targeting.

  9. Sharethrough

    In the realm of the best native ads platform, Sharethrough is a noteworthy addition that can enable you to connect with consumers through native ads on premium sites and apps.

    Sharethrough ad networks and direct publisher integration help play a pivotal role in delivering high-quality ad experiences. It also eliminates reseller fees and thereby, reduces the cost of native ads, improving match rates compared to networks dependent on resold inventory.

  10. Smaato

    Smaato is a standout choice if you are looking for a quality native advertising platform. Smaato understands the unique needs of publishers and equips them with a suite of powerful tools to succeed. It is a customizable, self-serve native advertising platform that can assist you in delivering exceptional experiences to your audiences, and boost your fill rates.

    It focuses on contextual targeting and helps you tailor ad campaigns to align with audience interests. It also offers detailed reporting to help provide valuable insights and assist in campaign optimization, making it one of the best native ads platform.

How to choose the best Native Ad Platform

Selecting the right native ads platform is a critical decision that can greatly impact your app business. You must consider several crucial factors while choosing the right platform. Some important points to factor in are as follows.

How To Choose The Best Native Ad PlatformHow To Choose The Best Native Ad Platform
  1. Ease of setup

    The foundation of a successful native ad campaign lies in the setting up of the chosen mobile app ad network. However, manually setting up an ad campaign with a native advertising network can be complex, as it necessitates separate approvals from the network for each app, potentially resulting in a time-consuming process for advertisers.

    Therefore, it is crucial to find a native advertising platform that provides an easy, and seamless configuration.

  2. Pricing model

    Ensure that the pricing models offered by the native ad platforms align with your app marketing budget. The best native ads platform will offer various pricing models, such as Cost Per Click (CPC) and Cost Per Mille (CPM).

    However, not all networks support all pricing options. Thus, it is crucial to choose a native ad platform that suits your financial objectives.

  3. Ad Quality

    You must evaluate the quality of ads presented by your chosen native ads platform. While these platforms provide ads to meet your target impressions, it is also important to note that ad quality varies significantly.

    There is potential for some players to misuse these networks for traffic arbitrage, potentially leading your audience to deceptive landing pages. Thus, you must safeguard your brand identity by reviewing the quality of ads being served by the platform.

  4. Targeting capabilities

    Ensure that the native advertising platform you choose offers precise tracking options, and allows advertisers to tailor native ads based on audience demographics, and interests.

    Note that the best native ads platform provides granular targeting capabilities, enabling brands to maximize the effectiveness of their performance marketing campaigns.

  5. Content and media formats

    A crucial aspect of native advertising is the seamless integration of ads with the app environment. Therefore, it is essential to choose the best native ads platforms that offer diverse ad formats, including video, carousel, and story ads. Consider tools that facilitate ad design optimization to enhance overall campaign performance.

  6. Robust analytics

    Assess platforms based on how comprehensive their analytics capabilities are. This includes metrics like ad views, clicks, and ad group performance. Note that the best native ads platform can easily export data, giving access to valuable insights.

  7. Custom reports and recommendations

    Choose platforms that offer insights and customized recommendations. The best native advertising platforms leverage advanced technologies such as AI and machine learning to help in achieving advertising objectives effortlessly.

  8. Standardized policies

    The best native ads platform are known for their stringent quality policies regarding ads and publishers. These policies must ensure the creation, and distribution of high-quality ads, providing a positive user experience.

Concluding words

In the dynamic world of digital advertising, choosing the best native ads platform is a decision that can significantly influence the success of your app marketing campaigns. It is also crucial to stay informed and adapt to new technologies, or platforms. The native advertising platforms featured in this guide are at the forefront of innovation and are poised to drive success for advertisers and publishers alike in 2024 and beyond.

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