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Hardcore Games

What are Hardcore Games

Hardcore Games are online games that require a higher level of input and time investment from the users. The complex nature of these games calls for users to develop skills, immerse themselves in the character's world, and overcome obstacles. Due to the amount of attention these games demand from users, they have the highest engagement when compared to other game genres.

These games feature long sessions with in-depth storytelling and battles that require high-level skills.

Some Hardcore Game genres are Multiplayer Online Role-Play Games (MMORPG), Multiplayer Online Battle Arenas (MOBA), and first-person shooters.

Types of Hardcore Games

Hardcore Games can be mainly classified as strategy games and Role-Playing Games (RPGs). Both these games have common in-game features like competitive gameplay, detailed storytelling, and combat missions.

​​The main difference between these games lies in one aspect; in strategy games, players must strategically navigate pre-existing units within the virtual world, while in RPGs, players must focus on developing specific characters.

Mechanics involved in Hardcore Games

Some mechanics that are involved in Hardcore Games are as follows.

  • LiveOps: This tool ensures that games are fresh and exciting for long-term users. LiveOps, in Hardcore Games, includes events, promotions, and new app features. This helps users progress through levels with ease.
  • Community: Hardcore Games involve a longer learning curve when compared to hypercasual games. Hardcore gamers thus build online communities to share tips and strategies. This reinforces immersive gameplay.
  • Multiplayer Gameplay: Hardcore Games thrive on multiplayer gameplay. This adds a competitive element to the game and fosters long-term player retention.

How to monetize with Hardcore Games

  • Hardcore Games usually leverage in-app purchases to level up their monetization.
  • Additionally, these games also have subscription models to enable players to subscribe and help with game monetization.
  • Recently, Hardcore Games have been using in-game ads to monetize. Since hardcore gamers are highly receptive to ads since they appear in the middle of the game, they are more likely to interact with them.

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