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increase in ROI

About Antiek Digital Media LLP

Antiek Digital Media LLP stands as a renowned global CPA affiliate network in India, renowned for its exceptional performance across mobile and web platforms on behalf of leading international brands.

With a core mission to empower businesses in achieving sales growth and online success, the organization emphasizes agility, mutual loyalty, and a relentless commitment to continuous improvement.

Their approach not only ensures seamless collaboration between brands and affiliates but also fosters a thriving ecosystem where success is driven by innovation, trust, and a shared vision for excellence.

The Challenge

Antiek Digital Media LLP faced challenges in its quest to attain both scalability and quality over an extended duration through any other Demand Side Platforms. The primary objective for Antiek Digital Media LLP was to establish itself as a valuable ad network partner, forging a mutually beneficial, long-term alliance.

The Solution

In response to Antiek Digital Media LLP's unique needs and aspirations, we presented a comprehensive solution that addressed its concerns effectively. PubScale’s CPA campaign and advanced targeting capabilities provided Antiek Digital Media LLP with the tools to segment its audience meticulously. Through targeting specific states, we empowered the ad network to enhance the precision and relevance of their advertising campaigns.

Additionally, Antiek Digital Media LLP leveraged the real-time bidding capabilities of our Demand-Side Platform (DSP), and could significantly expand the reach of its campaigns. This expansion, in turn, translated into augmented revenue streams and a notable boost in scalability.

Going forward

Following the remarkable response to our CPA campaigns, PubScale is committed to scaling these efforts further. Particularly, PubScale’s BFSI campaigns have demonstrated exceptional performance. Antiek Digital Media LLP is now planning to expand our portfolio with additional CPI/CPR/CPA campaigns in the pipeline, aiming for continued success in our partnership.

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