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About Deguci Games

Deguci Games is a mobile game developer based out of Turkey. They have a portfolio of 19 apps on Google Play, amounting to over 10 million installs. This publisher specializes in diverse simulations like car parking and off-road driving games. Deguci Games’ apps range from Car Parking Simulator Master to Horror House - Scarry Game.

Their offerings extend beyond gaming, with apps like Pregnancy Tracker and Baby. Deguci Games' commitment to diverse, engaging simulations indicates why it is appealing and continually successful in the gaming market.

About Car Parking Online Simulator game

Car Parking Online Simulator

Deguci Games’ Car Parking Online Simulator game is a virtual driving experience, unlike other typical car parking challenges. It offers an open-world multiplayer environment where players can hone their skills. This game is a driving enthusiast's paradise with realistic parking sensors, diverse car options including Civic, Golf, Chiron, and Veneno, and over 100 levels spanning various modes like time trials and drifting challenges.

The Challenge

Being a top-tier publisher in Turkey, Deguci Games wanted to diversify its revenue streams. The publisher also wanted to explore innovative strategies to enhance their revenue.

One of the primary challenges Deguci Games faced was to pinpoint optimal in-game locations for ad placements. The selection of prime in-game real estate was crucial for maximizing ad visibility and engagement, ultimately influencing the company's Return on Investment (ROI).

Game starting placement

Additionally, the publisher faced the challenge of integrating ads seamlessly without disrupting gameplay. Further, adherence to advertising policies was a critical aspect of Deguci Games' strategy. Deguci Games also sought to collaborate with premium demand partners and secure partnerships with top-notch advertisers.

The Solution: PubScale Immersive Ads SDK

Deguci Games collaborated with PubScale to tackle the diverse challenges it faces. PubScale Immersive Ads SDK played a pivotal role in optimizing their ad revenue. First, PubScale was crucial in identifying prime in-game real estate for ad placements.

To address the challenge of integrating ads seamlessly without disrupting gameplay, PubScale Immersive Ads SDK offered innovative ad formats that seamlessly blended with the gaming experience. By providing non-intrusive ad solutions PubScale Immersive Ads SDK ensured that players remained immersed in the gaming environment while still being exposed to relevant and engaging advertisements.

Further, by adhering to industry standards and guidelines, PubScale helped Deguci Games avoid potential pitfalls associated with non-compliance, safeguarding the company's reputation and user trust.

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The implementation of PubScale Immersive Ads SDK resulted in a remarkable 10% uplift in ad revenue for the Car Parking Online Simulator game when compared to AdMob. PubScale Immersive Ads SDK was responsible for a substantial 6% uplift in revenue through just one end-screen ad placement.

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The Click-Through Rate (CTR) of 2.5% showcased the engagement level achieved through the strategically placed ads. Moreover, the average eCPM of around $0.18 demonstrated the competitive nature of the ads delivered through PubScale Immersive Ads SDK, rivaling traditional banner advertisements.

PubScale's Immersive Ads SDK has been a game-changer for us at Deguci Games. Their seamless integration and tailored design have boosted revenue and player engagement. We plan to integrate PubScale's solution across our app portfolio. Their support has been invaluable, and we're quite happy with the results!

- Deguci Team

Going Forward

Deguci Games is adopting PubScale Immersive Ads SDK to enhance in-game advertising, ensuring a seamless and personalized experience for users. With advanced features like diverse ad formats and dynamic placement optimization, Deguci Games aims to maximize user engagement and revenue potential across its app portfolio. This strategic move positions the company as an innovative player in the mobile gaming industry.



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