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About Dmobin Studio

Dmobin Studio is a Vietnam-based game developer founded by passionate developer Phạm Tiến Đạt. The organization focuses on crafting fun and innovative mobile apps. Their specialty lies in adventure and puzzle games that use realistic physics to make players feel like the hero.

Survival 456 is one of their top-performing games, having 50+ million downloads from the Google Play Store.

Dmobin Games

They have a portfolio of 33 game applications on the Play Store, played by more than 80 million users so far and most of their games have 4+ star rating. Dmobin’s games range from survival games to concept-based games.

Dmobin caters to a diverse range of gamers with a rich library of titles. Whether you're looking for quick, casual, fun, or intense strategic battles, there's something for you. You can explore social deduction games where you can test your wit against friends or unleash your competitive spirit in classic arcade-style titles.

About Survival 456 But It's Impostor game

Survival 456 But It's Impostorr

Survival 456 is a free-to-play action game available on Google Play Store. This action game combines two hit properties: the party video game Among Us and the Netflix series Squid Game. In this free online game from Great Arcade, you can play as a participant in the game. Every player in this game has a unique power that gives them an advantage. Just like Among Us, players can use tasks, sabotage reports, and alibis to build trust or sow discord. The victory or defeat completely depends upon the skills of the player.

Survival 456 is different from other Squid Game-inspired survival games, such as 456: Squid Game Challenge and Squid Game: 456 Survival, by introducing game features from the asymmetric multiplayer game and adding supernatural elements.

The Challenge

Being a leading publisher in Vietnam, Dmobin wanted to diversify its revenue channels and was looking to increase its ARPDAU by identifying additional revenue streams in 2024. They had tried experimenting with an in-game native monetizing partner earlier, but they saw revenues coming in only from one geographical location whereas their users are spread globally, resulting in a low fill rate.

The Solution: PubScale Immersive Ads SDK

Dmobin collaborated with PubScale to tackle the issues they are facing with native ads. The results of our Immersive Ads integration with their top performer game Survival 456 are as follows :

In January 2024, Immersive Ads were integrated into Survival 456 as a test run. We performed A/B testing, with 30% of all users being selected for the test. Within this group, 50% were shown Immersive ads, while the other 50% were shown the existing in-game native ads from the existing partner. The purpose of this test was to compare the performance of PubScale with existing partners and to check for any ANRs, crashes, or bugs.

In Game Placement

The publisher saw a 5% increase in revenue during the A/B test. Although the revenue of the existing partner and PubScale was similar initially, PubScale's performance improved as it covered more geographies. As a result, the publisher decided to roll out the Immersive Ads SDK to 100% of their users.

Level Completion Placement

The integration of more placements with PubScale proved successful, resulting in an overall 10% increase in revenue for the game. The top-performing geographies were the US, Mexico, Brazil and Korea.

Settings Screen Placement

We have had a good experience with PubScale's Immersive Ads SDK at Dmobin Studio. Their custom design integration has not only improved our overall revenue but also opened up a new revenue stream. We plan to implement PubScale's solution across our entire game portfolio, and we are happy with their exceptional support, which has left us thoroughly satisfied and impressed

- Phạm Tiến Đạt, Dmobin Studio

Going Forward

After complete A/B testing of Immersive Ads SDK, Dmobin found that there have been no ANRs or crashes reported from PubScale Immersive Ads SDK. Dmobin Games is adopting PubScale Immersive Ads SDK to uplift Revenue and enhance user retention, ensuring a seamless and personalized experience for users. They have decided to integrate it into the top 12 games of their portfolio to achieve incremental revenues and hence, ROAS.

With advanced features like flexible design, easy drag & drop, and lightweight SDK, Dmobin Games is ready to maximize user engagement and revenue potential across its app portfolio.

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